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If you're jazzed for the Netflix live-action Cowboy Bebop series, here's a Cowboy Bebop Netflix update with tons of new details about the adaptation of the anime! The Netflix Geeked Twitter account posted a teaser of the cast, starring John Cho (Spike Spiegel), Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine) and Mustafa Shakir (Jet Black), all vibing out to the iconic Cowboy Bebop intro song, TANK!, from the original 1997 anime. Original composer from the Cowboy Bebop series, Yoko Kanno, will be returning for the Cowboy Bebop live action series. While the original composer of the Cowboy Bebop anime series is returning, original anime series creator Shinichiro Watanabe is listed as an associate producer on the Cowboy Bebop live-action series on Netflix, serving as a consultant. The Cowboy Bebop Netflix live action has yet to reveal if Ed will be part of the Cowboy Bebop Netflix series, but fans of the Cowboy Bebop anime series are hoping they'll join the Cowboy Bebop Netflix cast. With a release date announced for this fall on Netflix, anime fans are looking forward to seeing the Cowboy Bebop live action trailer.

In other entertainment news, we got new looks at Party Thor, Star-Lord T'Challa and The Watcher in Marvel's What If series coming to Disney Plus! And finally, WB and DC Films are reportedly sending the superhero flick Blue Beetle straight to streaming. This news was discovered after The LA Times published a report about Warner Bros.' movie rollout plans and release strategy in light of the merger between WB and Discovery. With Blue Beetle: The Movie being listed as one of their 'mid-budget DC movies', it'll be releasing exclusively on HBO Max. We'll dive deep into all of these topics on today's IGN The Fix: Entertainment hosted by Akeem Lawanson!


  1. IGN

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    What are your thoughts on the upcoming Cowboy Bebop Netflix series? Do you think we’ll see Ed? Comment below! - Akeem

  2. Mark O'Helm

    Mark O'HelmPred 2 urami

    @Hotshot Charlie she's too old. A kid actor would be necessary, but would not save this project to be the crap, it will be.

  3. Hotshot Charlie

    Hotshot CharliePred 2 urami

    Maisie Willams would be a fantastic Ed in my opinion; She has the right body dimensions (not trying to be weird she’s just a petite woman okay) and over all personality to portray Ed accurately and faithfully to the source material. It would be a great showcase of her range as an actress to be the love-able and quirky Ed, not to mention a sharp contrast from her well known role of GoT Arya Stark. It’s a probably an absolute snowballs chance in hell scenario but hey, dreams can be dreams. -See you soon SpaceCowboy

  4. jorgeeporgee

    jorgeeporgeePred dnevom

    John Cho's face (and height) simply breaks it for me, it's just weird to imagine vs anime looks.

  5. Mark O'Helm

    Mark O'HelmPred dnevom

    It's kAnno, not kannO.😁

  6. Drealmers S

    Drealmers SPred 4 dnevi

    Flip flop

  7. Srikoti Aryan

    Srikoti AryanPred 2 urami

    they better not leave off ed

  8. David Darko

    David DarkoPred 6 urami

    That's not really the cast is it?

  9. maximus awesomness

    maximus awesomnessPred 7 urami

    Well if there’s one positive to take away from this we will have more Cowboy bebop soundtracks to jam too!

  10. austin chen

    austin chenPred 11 urami

    cast eric andre as ed

  11. Coco Daft

    Coco DaftPred 16 urami

    Watanabe didn't want to do anything else with CB, that's the reason why the original series ends the way it ends. If there's someone who can do something satisfying with CB that's Watanabe.

  12. Max Drats

    Max DratsPred 16 urami

    It's KAHN-noh YOH-koh. Can't even do your fcking homework.

  13. King_Dazed

    King_DazedPred 19 urami

    Netflix must fall.

  14. King_Dazed

    King_DazedPred 19 urami

    Nooooo nooooo nooooo nooooo nooooo

  15. King_Dazed

    King_DazedPred 19 urami

    Noooo noooo noooo noooo

  16. King_Dazed

    King_DazedPred 19 urami

    Nooo nooo nooo

  17. King_Dazed

    King_DazedPred 19 urami

    Noo noo

  18. King_Dazed

    King_DazedPred 19 urami


  19. Jacob Ramirez

    Jacob RamirezPred 21 uro

    Anime fans can be so toxic, come on ppl give it a chance. The cast is ethnically diverse with the correct character placement 👌 And John Cho as Spike count me in!!

  20. Fukaze

    FukazePred 19 urami

    An old man playing young character? Count me out!

  21. milking cow suprise

    milking cow suprisePred dnevom

    Blue beetle will be awesome

  22. Rick G

    Rick GPred dnevom

    Netflix, get Bill Burr to play Saitama. I’ll watch….

  23. billy jennings

    billy jenningsPred dnevom

    There's a first time for every thing

  24. Alejandro Silahua

    Alejandro SilahuaPred dnevom

    Ok, hear me out: *BLACK* Jet Black

  25. Thistasteslike ass

    Thistasteslike assPred dnevom


  26. White Fang

    White FangPred dnevom


  27. Last breath Studios

    Last breath StudiosPred dnevom

    *See you soon Space Cowboy*

  28. Jenny PinkValley

    Jenny PinkValleyPred dnevom

    My Hopes were raised when Watanabe and Yoko Kanno were announced to be working on it. Still worried but

  29. Black Panther T’Challa Lem

    Black Panther T’Challa LemPred dnevom

    Love you bro but it's time to hit the gym


    NOOR KHANPred 2 dnevi

    They will destroy something beautiful 😩

  31. Salty Softie

    Salty SoftiePred 2 dnevi

    The key is to have low expectations because if it’s merely acceptable you’ll already feel satisfied and if it’s low key horrible we can laugh

  32. Paa Kwasi Marfo

    Paa Kwasi MarfoPred 2 dnevi

    idk if Cho was the right casting

  33. Rafael Pinto

    Rafael PintoPred 2 dnevi

    How alternates universes of marvel avengers are allowed with the existence of the TVA?

  34. KI2LA

    KI2LAPred 2 dnevi

    please no!!!!! just leave animes alone!!!!!

  35. chowdown 2016

    chowdown 2016Pred 2 dnevi

    Netflix is just desperate.

  36. Raymund Turner

    Raymund TurnerPred 2 dnevi

    1...2...3... Let's Flop!!!!

  37. Letfala

    LetfalaPred 2 dnevi

    Please nooooo, Cow Boy Bebop it’s already a master piece.

  38. Ralph Santos

    Ralph SantosPred 2 dnevi

    I'm calling it: Millie Bobby-Brown as Ed

  39. miguel bautista

    miguel bautistaPred dnevom

    pls no

  40. Will Mercurio

    Will MercurioPred 3 dnevi

    what have they done to my child

  41. William Brantley

    William BrantleyPred 3 dnevi

    Gotta very bad feeling about this

  42. Chris Velasco

    Chris VelascoPred 3 dnevi

    Samurai Champloo next!



    they are going to eff this up

  44. Mookie Stewart

    Mookie StewartPred 3 dnevi

    You can’t even say yoko kanno correct? Is it that hard?

  45. Hamual Davis

    Hamual DavisPred 3 dnevi

    I’m not digging the vibes from the cast on this man! Thanks for the info.

  46. The Rap Vault

    The Rap VaultPred 3 dnevi

    Fire that blac

  47. Joe Martin

    Joe MartinPred 3 dnevi

    This is more than likely gonna be fucken horrible.

  48. TheWiseGrape

    TheWiseGrapePred 3 dnevi

    ooofff... EIN is the only one that actually fits the part lmao... where's my white castle

  49. John Z

    John ZPred 3 dnevi

    Show me the Ein. Show me the Radical Edward.

  50. Raunak Jain

    Raunak JainPred 3 dnevi

    Another Death Note goof up loading?

  51. e J

    e JPred 3 dnevi

    Netflix is gonna ruin cowboy bebop 😥😢😭

  52. Bvbs

    BvbsPred 3 dnevi

    Netflix If you fail us you're gonna carry that weight

  53. Yepp Yepp

    Yepp YeppPred 2 urami

    Damn you beat me to it lol

  54. Euripides The Playwright

    Euripides The PlaywrightPred 2 dnevi

    😂😂😂 best comment

  55. Eleazar Hernández

    Eleazar HernándezPred 3 dnevi

    Who teh hell is Yoko Conoah?

  56. Alejandro Silahua

    Alejandro SilahuaPred dnevom

    @DaBlacc$aiyan he is making fun, dude

  57. DaBlacc$aiyan

    DaBlacc$aiyanPred 3 dnevi

    If you don't know that , why are you even here.....thats a legendary composer of anime film

  58. M B

    M BPred 3 dnevi

    Can't wait!


    SUPREME CHAMPIONPred 3 dnevi


  60. King of Weebs

    King of WeebsPred 3 dnevi

    Im not even watching this. I’ve watched cowboy bebop back in 2002

  61. Harald Höerwick

    Harald HöerwickPred 3 dnevi

    No, it will not translate well 🤣

  62. Altheron

    AltheronPred 3 dnevi

    Also Ed is a girl, not "they". This gender movement is erasing women's identity enough.

  63. Michael Robinson

    Michael RobinsonPred 3 dnevi

    Please don't :( We don't want this... just bring back the anime. You seriously couldn't find anyone better than John Cho for Spike? That's like casting Betty White to play Batman.

  64. Michael Robinson

    Michael RobinsonPred 3 dnevi

    Although Betty White as Batman doesn't sound half bad

  65. itirou taga

    itirou tagaPred 3 dnevi


  66. RhyzZz

    RhyzZzPred 3 dnevi

    Jet black is his last name but he is not black wtf netflix cant do nothing right

  67. G B

    G BPred 3 dnevi

    Who let them do this 😑

  68. hammertoe00

    hammertoe00Pred 3 dnevi

    Its gonna be woke strange

  69. DaBlacc$aiyan

    DaBlacc$aiyanPred 3 dnevi

    It already is.....check out the cast list.....smh

  70. Diego Rodriguez

    Diego RodriguezPred 3 dnevi

    there is something different about Jet...

  71. Paul Thorn

    Paul ThornPred 3 dnevi

    My heart wants this to work, but my brain knows it won't.

  72. Ninja Devil

    Ninja DevilPred 3 dnevi

    They are gonna ruin it

  73. blendwerk tv

    blendwerk tvPred 3 dnevi

    Sale is on. Right ?

  74. Damon Plant

    Damon PlantPred 3 dnevi

    If you can't cast Ed, don't do it

  75. TheBigGSN5

    TheBigGSN5Pred 3 dnevi

    How hard is it to cast a tomboy? Sheezus, they are ridiculous. Was Millie Bobby Brown trans because her hair was cut in Stranger Things?

  76. workaholick

    workaholickPred 3 dnevi

    this; like the upcoming Avatar the last air-bender series, will be another failure. not every re-imagining needs a" diverse cast of d-list actors" to represent the audience. plus knowing how cheap Netflix original series look...

  77. Maidlife

    MaidlifePred 3 dnevi

    Just why…

  78. Steel Fist99

    Steel Fist99Pred 3 dnevi

    Some things Netflix needs to leave alone

  79. roydenhunt

    roydenhuntPred 3 dnevi

    Haven't they learned this lesson enough times already??

  80. Bob Barker

    Bob BarkerPred 3 dnevi

    Fuckin excited for this!!!!

  81. EYX NA

    EYX NAPred 3 dnevi

    Heck yeah. Forget the haters!

  82. Domniac Corp.

    Domniac Corp.Pred 3 dnevi

    They should've casted James Franco as spike.

  83. sebastian guerrero

    sebastian guerreroPred 3 dnevi

    Well we all know one thing it's going to be terrible

  84. Mike White

    Mike WhitePred 3 dnevi

    Still no Ed where is she

  85. Shaun Hunter

    Shaun HunterPred 3 dnevi

    Cautiously optimistic but not expecting much

  86. DHUNTproductions

    DHUNTproductionsPred 4 dnevi

    Having been a part of the production, I'm very interested to see how it turns out in the end. Some interesting scenes to say the least... I'm looking forward to it 🙌

  87. DHUNTproductions

    DHUNTproductionsPred 2 dnevi

    @ZombryaTheDark not quite haha but the food definitely wasn't bad 😉👌

  88. ZombryaTheDark

    ZombryaTheDarkPred 2 dnevi

    You did the catering huh?

  89. Boco Corwin

    Boco CorwinPred 4 dnevi


  90. ari luciano

    ari lucianoPred 4 dnevi

    Spike Spiegel .....= Asian ?

  91. EYX NA

    EYX NAPred dnevom

    @Alejandro Silahua yes born on Mars but created after an asian man. Lol

  92. Alejandro Silahua

    Alejandro SilahuaPred dnevom

    @EYX NA yes, Spike was born in Mars, that makes him martian. Go watch again :)

  93. EYX NA

    EYX NAPred dnevom

    @Alejandro Silahua Martian? The creator Shinichi Watanabe stated he created spike after famous japanese actor Yusaka Matsuda. Do you have internet? Do you know how to google? Lol👍

  94. Alejandro Silahua

    Alejandro SilahuaPred dnevom

    Spike Spiegel = Martian

  95. EYX NA

    EYX NAPred 3 dnevi

    Dang straight he is!

  96. MSGSlayer1

    MSGSlayer1Pred 4 dnevi

    We can only pray the music and the dog won't be the only things they get right.

  97. britshell

    britshellPred 4 dnevi

    Oh nooo. This is bad.

  98. Drealmers S

    Drealmers SPred 4 dnevi

    Flip flop

  99. MrKappaKappaPsi

    MrKappaKappaPsiPred 4 dnevi

    It's always disparaging when the original creators are not heavily involved, but hopefully it turns out well.

  100. Emancipated Broccoli

    Emancipated BroccoliPred 4 dnevi

    Leave bebop alone

  101. Akeem Lawanson

    Akeem LawansonPred 3 dnevi

    yeah! they should go after rocksteady instead!

  102. TFAME

    TFAMEPred 4 dnevi


  103. The King of Antarctica

    The King of AntarcticaPred 4 dnevi

    Even if it ends up bad, it won't take away from how phenomenal the original series is.

  104. White Fang

    White FangPred dnevom

    Its an insult to the original series. Why can't they just leave it alone! We don't want this. Especially from Netflix. A year or 2 ago, while filming this, John Cho or whatever broke his leg in a freak accident. They should have took it as a sign. John cho is NOTHING like Spike.

  105. David Coy II

    David Coy IIPred 4 dnevi

    Willow Smith is perfect to play Ed

  106. Diego Rodriguez

    Diego RodriguezPred 3 dnevi

    dafuck did you just said?

  107. Michael Stark Basquiat

    Michael Stark BasquiatPred 4 dnevi

    No Radical Edward…

  108. my parents made me

    my parents made mePred 4 dnevi

    if it fails ill win my bet

  109. Tryan Bryan

    Tryan BryanPred 4 dnevi

    Don't forget how fantastic Netflix adapted Deathnote

  110. KANE

    KANEPred 3 dnevi

    @FZJanimated woooooosh

  111. KANE

    KANEPred 3 dnevi

    @dcta51 woooooosh

  112. FZJanimated

    FZJanimatedPred 3 dnevi

    ah yes the generic edgy teenager and the generic class b gore of western movies... yea "fantastic"

  113. dcta51

    dcta51Pred 4 dnevi

    Foh no they didnt.

  114. UnjustifiedRecs

    UnjustifiedRecsPred 4 dnevi

    Gutted they didn't cast Scarlet Johansen in Bebop

  115. Ya Boi

    Ya BoiPred 4 dnevi


  116. Sid

    SidPred 4 dnevi

    Spike in Bebop 6ft and in his twenties Netflix - lets just pick any famous asian actor 🤦 *No offense to Cho. Really love the guy but giving him the hair doesn't make him Spike

  117. David Darko

    David DarkoPred 6 urami

    Spike isn't even Asian.

  118. Kristopher Bigelow

    Kristopher BigelowPred 19 urami

    @Sanitys Edge Spike's mixed, dude. Asian and Israeli. the hair, the name, the gun. ... stop taking fiction, and other people's opinions, too seriously.

  119. Sanitys Edge

    Sanitys EdgePred dnevom

    @EYX NA Yes, because the inspiration for the character totally dictates the actual traits of a character. Tell me, what Asian culture has "Spiegel" as a traditional name?

  120. EYX NA

    EYX NAPred 2 dnevi

    @Andres Garcia what the heck are you smoking amigo? The creator shinchiro Watanabe specifically stated the character spike was created after famous japanese actor Yusaka Matsuda. Du** a*** do some research amigo.

  121. Andres Garcia

    Andres GarciaPred 2 dnevi

    @EYX NA spike isn't asian, it was confirmed by the creator in an interview

  122. Pinda Kaas

    Pinda KaasPred 4 dnevi

    They're gonna ruin it.

  123. Suman Mitra

    Suman MitraPred 4 dnevi

    That interview was scary.

  124. Aja Goddess 444

    Aja Goddess 444Pred 4 dnevi

    Sometimes you should just leave the classics alone...

  125. EYX NA

    EYX NAPred 3 dnevi

    Nah....if you dont remake them..someone else will. Hahahhahahah

  126. Fabian Villarreal

    Fabian VillarrealPred 4 dnevi

    Ed HAS to be anon-binary actor for a very non-binary character! 🤩

  127. c. cave

    c. cavePred 4 dnevi

    No one is jazzed

  128. Kurig

    KurigPred 4 dnevi

    Let's be real Jet was always Black

  129. dcta51

    dcta51Pred 4 dnevi

    Should be mixed like vin diesal

  130. drowning in kerosene

    drowning in kerosenePred 4 dnevi


  131. Pratulya Anjas

    Pratulya AnjasPred 4 dnevi

    Oh Well.Whatever happens, happens.

  132. Mr youtuber

    Mr youtuberPred 53 minutami


  133. John Z

    John ZPred 3 dnevi


  134. NetRunner

    NetRunnerPred 4 dnevi

    I’m so scared…

  135. minnymoon1360

    minnymoon1360Pred 4 dnevi

    The only thing that actually makes me excited about this entire thing is that will be getting a real corgi in this. Yay!!!

  136. Ronaldo Chintaman

    Ronaldo ChintamanPred 4 dnevi

    Atleast Keanu reeves won't be involved with this butchered version to be

  137. Rukh

    RukhPred 4 dnevi

    F for the massacre that will be my poor Bepop. I'm so sorry. You deserved so much better.

  138. Matthew Turner

    Matthew TurnerPred 3 dnevi

    Even if it flops it won’t ruin the show

  139. Miguel Rivera Jr

    Miguel Rivera JrPred 3 dnevi

    F to my childhood. This will be like when FLCL came back with no Naota but worse. 😔

  140. Lil Fly

    Lil FlyPred 4 dnevi

    InaginebTomHolland playing Ed in cowboy bebop😂🤣🤣