Astrophysicist Reacts to Fast 9's Crazy Magnet Stunt

We got Aaron White, an astrophysicist at the California Academy of Sciences, to react to the magnet filled action scenes from F9. Could Vin Diesel and the crew realistically pull this off in Fast \u0026 Furious 9? Watch to find out.


  1. zygius

    zygiusPred uro

    Life is sad, when youre an scientist.....

  2. Ash Law

    Ash LawPred uro

    Everybody's talking about family and physics but nobody noticed that he doesn't even know what F9 means. It's "Fine" by the way. The title is probably meant for fans to show that Han is fine so don't hate Shaw. The franchise is all about family and cars. Physics is subject to screenwriter. You guys called an Astrophysicist for something even a junior high student can tell? Wow!

  3. Not Me

    Not MePred 2 urami

    What fast and furious is full of things that can’t happen. 😲 NO WAY and super man is real

  4. Emily Kaldwin

    Emily KaldwinPred 3 urami

    The next F10 will be against Dom father who turned out to be alive and turned into a cyborg by the Borg.

  5. Smallno

    SmallnoPred 4 urami

    Was Neil Degrass Tyson unavailable?


    VISION0STUDIOPred 6 urami

    Everything this guy says I've already heard it all in the Marvel movies nothing new

  7. ghost245353

    ghost245353Pred 13 urami

    First we get a physicist. Now, we get an astrophysicist XD

  8. Philip

    PhilipPred 14 urami

    also A MOVIE.

  9. Virat Gunwal

    Virat GunwalPred 16 urami

    No talks about Cooper jumping into wormhole and still alive in interstellar which is probably the dumbest idea in any movie cuz Nolan image but for movie likes these which are made for fun here critics becomes scientists.Easy target 🎯.

  10. Hasan

    HasanPred dnevom

    came for a review got physic lecture instead. great

  11. Vimal Krishna

    Vimal KrishnaPred 2 dnevi


  12. V M

    V MPred 2 dnevi

    This guys head must have surely exploded when he watched it so he made a video to re assure himself as a way of putting his brains back together after this film destroyed it. Feel better dude.

  13. Swaggaboa

    SwaggaboaPred 2 dnevi

    He doesnt what hes talking about

  14. User_22

    User_22Pred 2 dnevi

    By the lows of Familydynamics, everything is possible,.

  15. NICK MA

    NICK MAPred 2 dnevi

    F9 there is no furious, only nonsense scene and dumb story left to fool those fan boys

  16. Yash

    YashPred 3 dnevi

    Noooooooo..... family is getting ripped apart :(

  17. Matt Misanthropy

    Matt MisanthropyPred 3 dnevi

    So not only do they create absolutely absurd scenarios. They're destroying iconic, rare cars. And we support this film series why?

  18. eugene Allison

    eugene AllisonPred 3 dnevi

    Dude it's Hollywood who cares what you think

  19. Sewer Tapes

    Sewer TapesPred 3 dnevi

    He put more thought into this critique than anyone bothered to put into the movie.

  20. Midnight Hoon

    Midnight HoonPred 3 dnevi

    hope there will be an HOW IT SHOULD HAVE ENDED clip on this movie. It begs for one!

  21. goatboy2042

    goatboy2042Pred 3 dnevi

    Surely if the magnet is that strong it would tear the engine off its mounting and implode the entire car itself

  22. praneeth ruthprabhu

    praneeth ruthprabhuPred 3 dnevi

    Even a physics kid can tell that 😂😂

  23. taio taRIQ

    taio taRIQPred 3 dnevi

    Listing and watching you better then the movie it self 👍👍👍👍👍

  24. eastern2western

    eastern2westernPred 3 dnevi

    He should analyze that flying scene involves vin diesel and Michelle Rodriguez.


    SARACHIMANPred 4 dnevi

    I’ve already seen the movie

  26. thicc Einstein69

    thicc Einstein69Pred 4 dnevi

    dislikes are from DOM and his family

  27. Kent Ho

    Kent HoPred 4 dnevi

    Does anyone know of any university that offers Degree in Family Physics?

  28. Krapto

    KraptoPred 4 dnevi

    You don't need an astrophysicist to tell you that the fast and furious series should have ended at the 7th movie.

  29. Screaming little kid

    Screaming little kidPred 4 dnevi

    Next video: Astronaut reacts to Fast 9's crazy space stunt

  30. Charles Edson

    Charles EdsonPred 4 dnevi

    Comments: FAMILY

  31. Anvay Patel

    Anvay PatelPred 4 dnevi

    Someone forgot neutrons….

  32. Kevin OoO

    Kevin OoOPred 4 dnevi

    Wow... are u telling me that the F&F franchise is not scientifically accurate. That's really shocking

  33. sycoinc

    sycoincPred 4 dnevi

    these videos are basically science fiction now...

  34. Sanjib Bagh

    Sanjib BaghPred 4 dnevi

    Waiting for sheldon cooper on it.

  35. denmak azuma

    denmak azumaPred 4 dnevi

    car with magnet ridiculous

  36. Dr. Cooper

    Dr. CooperPred 4 dnevi

    If you had FaMiLy, you'd understand diesel's mechanics

  37. LightOfSkyFalling

    LightOfSkyFallingPred 4 dnevi

    Next movie F&F Transformers

  38. Darkシ

    DarkシPred 4 dnevi

    "This guy would be great at Cinema Sins*ding*"

  39. T Zero

    T ZeroPred 4 dnevi

    No more than a meter? What about situations where things go flying across the room in mri rooms?

  40. Stuka87

    Stuka87Pred 4 dnevi

    *Insert Insane Clown Posse Meme here*

  41. commandcenter

    commandcenterPred 4 dnevi

    Because Family.

  42. Avishek Lama Films

    Avishek Lama FilmsPred 4 dnevi

    You should watch a Bollywood movie will definitely forget your physics lessons

  43. assembled 18

    assembled 18Pred 4 dnevi

    Fast & Furious is the "GTA" and "Saints Row" of Hollywood.

  44. assembled 18

    assembled 18Pred 4 dnevi

    @Royal Stark Why's that? It's kind of like GTA with heists and some crimes.

  45. Royal Stark

    Royal StarkPred 4 dnevi

    Saints row yea, GTA hell noooo

  46. philz2002

    philz2002Pred 4 dnevi

    Well, everything looks bad if you remember it

  47. Vidu Wanasingha

    Vidu WanasinghaPred 4 dnevi

    Upto Furious 7, movies are super cool... After that those became so... dumb, even the spin-off which is super duper dumb.

  48. assembled 18

    assembled 18Pred 4 dnevi

    It's just an action movie. If you want non dumb movies? Watch Mission Impossible films.

  49. The Wigga gamer

    The Wigga gamerPred 4 dnevi


  50. Niloy

    NiloyPred 4 dnevi

    At least we didn't have to see another REAL KAIJU experts

  51. Titus Tius

    Titus TiusPred 4 dnevi

    Family >>>>> physics

  52. Devesh Kapoor

    Devesh KapoorPred 4 dnevi

    All in all, F9's physics point-of-view is super shitty.

  53. hsquadgaming

    hsquadgamingPred 4 dnevi

    This all makes sense and is completely and absolutely possible because of FAMILY!!!

  54. Akash oomman

    Akash oommanPred 4 dnevi

    Why is fast and furious still a thing ?

  55. assembled 18

    assembled 18Pred 4 dnevi

    An action movies that involves crimes and cars just like Grand Theft Auto games.

  56. H S

    H SPred 4 dnevi

    It isn’t the magnets doing that. Its family.

  57. Mamba Fadeaway824

    Mamba Fadeaway824Pred 4 dnevi

    So they are actually going to space after that being the joke about the franchise for years?? That's insulting

  58. assembled 18

    assembled 18Pred 4 dnevi

    Why's it's insulting? Have you played Saints Row games?

  59. Anubhav

    AnubhavPred 4 dnevi

    everything is possible with family

  60. ll8937

    ll8937Pred 4 dnevi

    Everything starts with science fiction, till it becomes reality.

  61. User_22

    User_22Pred 2 dnevi

    This is not science this point this is fantasy.

  62. Jose Arroyo

    Jose ArroyoPred 4 dnevi

    The fast and the ferrous

  63. dmaster001

    dmaster001Pred 4 dnevi

    Next video: Time Traveler Expert reacts to Loki.

  64. CaptainTalon448

    CaptainTalon448Pred 4 dnevi

    So basically anyone standing in the vicinity of Vin Diesel’s magnetic car would be dead af?

  65. Re1ampag0

    Re1ampag0Pred 4 dnevi

    Don't think about too hard, it's F&F. Just enjoy the ride.

  66. levi Ackerman

    levi AckermanPred 4 dnevi

    It's called "family" physics

  67. DKR DKR

    DKR DKRPred 4 dnevi

    Hurry someone report this news to Hollywood.

  68. Geordilaforge

    GeordilaforgePred 4 dnevi

    lmao instantly when the rockets turn on, "very bad idea".

  69. realHKV

    realHKVPred 4 dnevi

    Fast 9- made by a 9yr old

  70. Nathan Hitesman

    Nathan HitesmanPred 4 dnevi

    Ff10 they drive on the sun.

  71. assembled 18

    assembled 18Pred 4 dnevi

    Nah they drive onto the Dark Zone from The Division.

  72. Nelson W.

    Nelson W.Pred 4 dnevi

    Its insane how many innocent bystanders Vin Diesel's character killed here. Are we supposed to like him?

  73. Bread Crumb

    Bread CrumbPred 2 urami

    They're not family

  74. Beng

    BengPred 3 urami

    @One Skill Point .....La famalia

  75. One Skill Point

    One Skill PointPred 2 dnevi

    They killed bystanders, not enemies, bystanders by the dozens in each of the last couple movies and somehow no one seems to say anything.


    COW8OYFROMHELLPred 4 dnevi

    Anything to protect his family. 😌

  77. Nelson W.

    Nelson W.Pred 4 dnevi

    Dom massacres families for the family.

  78. G Porr

    G PorrPred 4 dnevi

    These movies got way to far-fetched. I'd rather a believable action movie. Jumping mountains and holding helicopters with a chain around your arm. Gtfoh! The Toretto's turned into the Avengers

  79. assembled 18

    assembled 18Pred 4 dnevi

    Nah Toretto turned into Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause.


    FIGHT FLICKSPred 4 dnevi

    You don't need physics when you got *FAMILY!!!!!*

  81. Alexander Sokolov

    Alexander SokolovPred 4 dnevi

    Real family reacts to Fast and Furious “family”

  82. Woozaa

    WoozaaPred 4 dnevi

    Who cares about physics... it's all about family! (minus his new & until now completely unknown brother)

  83. Ultimate XLR-8

    Ultimate XLR-8Pred 4 dnevi

    You should've called a family expert. An astrophysicist has no business here.

  84. unitoone

    unitoonePred 4 dnevi

    The two cars weighting 2.5- 3 tons are stopping\ flipping a 30+ ton semi truck? Wouldn't they just stuck to it or repel from it like toy cars? That magnet thing is just some tech nonsense. xD

  85. 1 savage

    1 savagePred 4 dnevi

    Because FAMILY

  86. Rasengan 580

    Rasengan 580Pred 4 dnevi

    Magnets how do they work?

  87. Abysswalker

    AbysswalkerPred 4 dnevi

    The only magnet expert is Jesse Pinkman.

  88. Jungaii Cumla

    Jungaii CumlaPred 4 dnevi

    Thats not alchemy, . . . . . . . its Family

  89. EdTheTatMan Montelibano

    EdTheTatMan MontelibanoPred 4 dnevi

    its a movie

  90. Eldritch Morgasm

    Eldritch MorgasmPred 4 dnevi

    Submarine Commander commenting on a Submarine chasing cars... - American: 😅 "Yeah, well, nope, but still, kinda fun!?" - Russian: 😏 "Da, of course, just kick engine, drink more Vodka, much possible, da!"

  91. Demo Sebastian

    Demo SebastianPred 4 dnevi

    A version of Paul Rudd who knows his physics

  92. Emanuel Leal

    Emanuel LealPred 4 dnevi


  93. Rosemarie Mann

    Rosemarie MannPred 4 dnevi

    The young man exposes the ridiculous and ill- informed suppositions of the film makers, who are just using any ideas for special effects ...the more extreme , the better...😠... Crashes, explosions, anything to try to shock. Pathetic. 😠🌎🇬🇧🌎🇬🇧😠

  94. Ron-j Ignacio

    Ron-j IgnacioPred 4 dnevi

    Newot andf and at attack not😄

  95. AquaDronix

    AquaDronixPred 4 dnevi

    When he mentioned the pacemaker, hah 😆

  96. Timothy Glenn Palacio

    Timothy Glenn PalacioPred 4 dnevi

    Family is stronger than physics.

  97. AquaDronix

    AquaDronixPred 4 dnevi

    Bring him back for F10, When they do go to space. ;p

  98. Harsh Trewaynee

    Harsh TrewayneePred 16 urami

    @Movie Stunter damn, you guys remember? That it starts from street racing?jokes

  99. Movie Stunter

    Movie StunterPred 4 dnevi

    Spoiler alert - They do go into space in FF9. I'm not joking.

  100. Beast Titan

    Beast TitanPred 4 dnevi

    New competant for Marvel.

  101. Abel Mathew

    Abel MathewPred 4 dnevi

    Vin Diesel wants to know your location.

  102. Alexander Mcfarlane

    Alexander McfarlanePred 4 dnevi


  103. Ray Wilson

    Ray WilsonPred 4 dnevi

    I’m gonna watch it.

  104. vysakh p viswanath

    vysakh p viswanathPred 4 dnevi

    Looks like ign is out of topics Find a real job

  105. Guilherme Candido

    Guilherme CandidoPred 4 dnevi

    So, Vin Diesel became Magneto?

  106. assembled 18

    assembled 18Pred 4 dnevi

    Nah he became more like Rico Rodriguez from Just Cause.

  107. Chocolate Boy

    Chocolate BoyPred 4 dnevi

    Next IGN video: "Real Doctors reacting to Johnny Sins curing his patient." Real Doctor: ....."thats not proper hospital etiquette"

  108. November Alpha

    November AlphaPred dnevom


  109. thicc Einstein69

    thicc Einstein69Pred 2 dnevi

    @animesh soni hey Vsauce family here

  110. animesh soni

    animesh soniPred 2 dnevi

    Or is it?

  111. thicc Einstein69

    thicc Einstein69Pred 4 dnevi



    KARTHIKEYAN PPred 4 dnevi

    Omfg 😂😂😂😂

  113. Mark MD

    Mark MDPred 4 dnevi

    Yeah it doesn't make sense but i'll still watch it 😂

  114. Not RixAmoris

    Not RixAmorisPred 4 dnevi

    We all know that the fast & furious franchise is a shut-your-brain-and-shove-popcorn-in-your-mouth kind of why do we need to explain this...

  115. Not RixAmoris

    Not RixAmorisPred 4 dnevi

    @Mistress1623 but it's like saying you are applying algebra in real life (and if you are a math teacher forget this comment) and are you though...

  116. Mistress1623

    Mistress1623Pred 4 dnevi

    Because it's fun to think about the real world implications of fictional things. It's part of what influences us to search the cosmos.

  117. xbilly_vedovelli

    xbilly_vedovelliPred 4 dnevi

    it doesnt work out of astrophysics......... its: " FAMILLY" 😂

  118. Arun Ray

    Arun RayPred 4 dnevi

    This franchise is DEAD. Invest your time elsewhere.

  119. 武士

    武士Pred 4 dnevi


  120. Cavoy Lewin

    Cavoy LewinPred 4 dnevi

    Why not🥴

  121. AR MV

    AR MVPred 4 dnevi

    At this point the fast saga just trolling fan .

  122. Leeton McIntosh

    Leeton McIntoshPred 4 dnevi

    Can we just remember that it's a MOVIE not a true story it's there to entertain you.

  123. Super Trendy Money Maker

    Super Trendy Money MakerPred 4 dnevi

    Yea but some sort of realism would help. This is just another league of ridiculousness lol!!!!

  124. I comment CRINGE stuff XD

    I comment CRINGE stuff XDPred 4 dnevi

    Do we need physics No we don't do that here

  125. Dipto Ghosh

    Dipto GhoshPred 4 dnevi

    Those concepts are far beyond the payscale of the entire team behind such dickhead movies.

  126. Incorrputus IX

    Incorrputus IXPred 4 dnevi

    You should've called a family expert. An astrophysicist has no business here.

  127. Jason

    JasonPred 3 dnevi

    ... vin is a family expert

  128. Carlos Alvarez

    Carlos AlvarezPred 4 dnevi

    Take my like you comedy genius.

  129. Ayotunde Ayoko

    Ayotunde AyokoPred 4 dnevi

    fecking hell🤣🤣🤣🤣

  130. Sarthak Rout

    Sarthak RoutPred 4 dnevi

    You made me spit my coffee! 😂

  131. Cavoy Lewin

    Cavoy LewinPred 4 dnevi

    No, it's too early for gold comments like this🤣🤣😹😹