D&D: Dark Alliance - Gameplay Explainer Trailer

The team behind Dungeons \u0026 Dragons: Dark Alliance give you an overview of its gameplay mechanics, narrated by Jemaine Clement.

Dungeons \u0026 Dragons: Dark Alliance, developed by Tuque Games, will release on June 22, 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.


  1. Kevin B

    Kevin BPred 10 minutami

    Ok so it's Drizzt: The game. Neat.

  2. Inky1877

    Inky1877Pred 28 minutami

    Will the game have cross play between PC and playstation im seeing conflicting information some say it will some say it won't?

  3. Sirjohn23

    Sirjohn23Pred 53 minutami

    The narrator sounds like Internet Historian

  4. Joystick Jonjo

    Joystick JonjoPred 56 minutami

    That looks pretty cool

  5. Dagorian Stark

    Dagorian StarkPred uro

    "huge bosses, like big bosses but bigger" 😂

  6. Bahtipicha

    BahtipichaPred uro

    It reminds me heavily of lodr war in the north

  7. Rob Rotten

    Rob RottenPred uro

    Sweet so we fight to the end to secure the crystal shard then jarlaxle shows up and just takes it...

  8. DjDisastor

    DjDisastorPred uro

    no mage or wizard ??

  9. Brandon Monroe

    Brandon MonroePred 2 urami

    Is that Thanos?

  10. Wielki Biały Wieloryb

    Wielki Biały WielorybPred 2 urami

    This trailer not only made me notice the game - it made me buy it. Jemaine turns everything into gold :)

  11. Kate Nicolson

    Kate NicolsonPred 2 urami

    Lush New Zealand narration ♡ Makes me think of Jermaine

  12. Kate Nicolson

    Kate NicolsonPred 2 urami

    Oh wait is it him?!

  13. Monkey Mode

    Monkey ModePred 2 urami

    Big hammer

  14. sheepbeater1

    sheepbeater1Pred 2 urami

    Please tell me Jermain is voicing jarlaxle!

  15. ItalianBastad

    ItalianBastadPred 2 urami

    roll d20 for enjoyment

  16. Cole Craton

    Cole CratonPred 2 urami

    Great trailer or greatest trailer?

  17. Mon-T Network

    Mon-T NetworkPred 3 urami

    1:56 when women in action.. woo.. WOOOAOO!

  18. David McCown

    David McCownPred 3 urami

    need a mod to turn the group into Grog, Vex, Vax and Pike


    MɅRQVΞZZPred 3 urami

    how about you actually show someone playing the game. this gameplay gives me nothing. looks very bland

  20. Karen Ritter

    Karen RitterPred 3 urami

    Yes, sweet! The heroes of Mithral hall. Drizzt and Guenhwyvar with their friends. Awesome! R.A. Salvatore books are great.

  21. meshowz aq

    meshowz aqPred 3 urami

    looks fun to play with friends

  22. Andreas Gamperl

    Andreas GamperlPred 3 urami

    Local multiplayer?

  23. Ewout Stouffs

    Ewout StouffsPred 3 urami

    The narrator brought game explenation to the next level. They clearly understand how to sell. Very impressive, Sir. You gained my respect. 👏

  24. Daniel Rooker

    Daniel RookerPred 4 urami

    lets go Jermaine! really enjoyed hearing a fellow kiwi talk about videogames!

  25. Petar Stoiljkovic

    Petar StoiljkovicPred 4 urami

    I'm still not sure about this game, there was nothing wrong with the old formula, and it didn't need to carry the DA name at all. But Jermaine Clement should do every trailer for every game.

  26. Pain Bae

    Pain BaePred 4 urami

    The game seems great, but the characters look like any topical character you would expect

  27. Mana GP

    Mana GPPred 4 urami

    They are characters from Neverwinter right ?

  28. Trip Ferm

    Trip FermPred 5 urami

    E3? More like the convention of self-aware trailers


    J GUERVINPred 5 urami

    No mircrotransactions :')

  30. Dangitdan

    DangitdanPred 6 urami

    No mage and 2 tanks? 😕

  31. Evan Christensen

    Evan ChristensenPred 6 urami

    This trailer was so much better that the reveal trailer from last year. The narrator had me cracking up

  32. Abimbola Daramola

    Abimbola DaramolaPred 6 urami

    oh d and d pls do not be like godfall plssssss

  33. AbominusRules

    AbominusRulesPred 6 urami

    Wait: isn’t his name Drizzit?

  34. Snipers Range

    Snipers RangePred 6 urami

    I’m sold

  35. Tung Truong

    Tung TruongPred 6 urami

    Love the narrator! This is how you do a game trailer.

  36. Aaron Barbosa

    Aaron BarbosaPred 7 urami

    Was that Danny McBride voice?

  37. Chris Masoner

    Chris MasonerPred 7 urami

    The narrator is my favorite thing about this. 😂🤣😂

  38. christopher charleston

    christopher charlestonPred 7 urami

    This looks promising! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  39. Shaozzt

    ShaozztPred 7 urami

    Drizzt, Cattibrie and Wulgar? awkwaaaaaarrrrrrrd

  40. Aden Stevenson

    Aden StevensonPred 7 urami

    Hey Matt Mercer, are you gonna play this

  41. Ryker Ward

    Ryker WardPred 7 urami

    my boy Jemaine sells it

  42. colin8696908

    colin8696908Pred 7 urami

    it's not really D&D if it's an action brawler.

  43. King Kamina

    King KaminaPred 8 urami

    Big mistake on putting Drizzt into this game. EVERYONE will pick him and ignore the other three.

  44. Elliot Jenner

    Elliot JennerPred 8 urami

    Wait where's Regis?

  45. GalaxyRise

    GalaxyRisePred 9 urami

    The loot will be SHINYYYYYYYYYYY

  46. Richard Lindquist

    Richard LindquistPred 9 urami

    So when do the Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenoceros get added as bosses?

  47. Drew Dinnall

    Drew DinnallPred 9 urami

    This sounded like a mix of Idris Elba and Isaac Butterfield 🤔

  48. Erik Rodríguez

    Erik RodríguezPred 9 urami

    Elden Ring scared?

  49. candlejack101

    candlejack101Pred 10 urami

    dude sounds like jermaine clement

  50. Jason Davis

    Jason DavisPred 10 urami

    This looks like the best game I've seen thus year

  51. Tarots

    TarotsPred 10 urami

    One more week until the release

  52. Gabriel De mello

    Gabriel De melloPred 10 urami

    Ah, reminds me of that old trailer the devs tried to hide

  53. Ralph LaFave

    Ralph LaFavePred 10 urami

    This is how you sell a videogame.

  54. Heavy

    HeavyPred 10 urami

    A dnd game without the RPG.... can we just get a Dnd the video game please?

  55. Legna Mikael

    Legna MikaelPred 10 urami

    Will this game be a third person Warhammer: Vermintide 2?

  56. Lu

    LuPred 10 urami

    This looks like what Avengers SHOULD have been.

  57. Tyler Furtado

    Tyler FurtadoPred 10 urami

    That moment you realize you've been saying 'Drizzt' wrong your entire life.

  58. Tiger C.

    Tiger C.Pred 10 urami

    okay this commentary is one of the best trailers I've seen in a log time with perfect combinations of Badass and comedy. It's great. lol

  59. Lounge Lizards

    Lounge LizardsPred 10 urami

    Why play a dungeons and dragons game if you cant even make your own character?

  60. whitebuffulo

    whitebuffuloPred 11 urami

    Shadow of War and Vermintide 2 just had a baby, read the books, they are the true legend.

  61. kavik27

    kavik27Pred 11 urami

    Clicked for the game, stayed for the Kiwi

  62. cyberpimp29

    cyberpimp29Pred 12 urami

    Can this game be played one player?

  63. Rob Brown

    Rob BrownPred 12 urami

    This game honestly looks like it's gonna be super fun, hope it's got some length to it though. Not just 10-20 hours

  64. Craig With a Wig

    Craig With a WigPred 12 urami

    oh boy Drizzt, the gary stu of d&d... hard pass.

  65. ron jefferson

    ron jeffersonPred 13 urami

    No MTX? Day one for me then.

  66. eran5005

    eran5005Pred 13 urami

    NON STOP MURDER AND ACTION - clearly these people get D&D /s This is a shameless cash in on a franchise. It might be a really fun game, but it has absolutely nothing to do with D&D.

  67. Jordan Craft

    Jordan CraftPred 13 urami

    the real ones have been waiting for this since Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

  68. Master Knife

    Master KnifePred 15 urami

    Jermaine Clement needs to narrate more gameplay trailers

  69. Cthulinarian

    CthulinarianPred 16 urami

    He needs to narrate all things moving forward.

  70. GalaxyRise

    GalaxyRisePred 9 urami

    And some of the things moving backward.

  71. Cornell Carlberg

    Cornell CarlbergPred 16 urami

    The curious ellipse whitely post because grill conceptually whirl onto a conscious check. wicked, roasted hydrant

  72. Johnny Tightlips

    Johnny TightlipsPred 17 urami

    Got a like for 'No Microsactions'.

  73. Wanderingsage7

    Wanderingsage7Pred 17 urami

    It's kinda sad that no microtransactions is now a selling point

  74. Ankrik K.

    Ankrik K.Pred 17 urami

    Дзирт, Бренор, Кэтти-Бри и Вульфгар. Не будите меня, пусть я полежу обосранный.

  75. Tim Smith

    Tim SmithPred 18 urami

    This game looks sick! Buying this right now

  76. Chamo52

    Chamo52Pred 18 urami

    and it already seems better than baulders gate3

  77. Sterling Jones

    Sterling JonesPred 18 urami

    Best trailer ever😂😂😂

  78. Janbert Guerrero

    Janbert GuerreroPred 19 urami

    The question is, can you seduce them?

  79. Lisa Adams

    Lisa AdamsPred 19 urami

    The deserted sink peripherally buzz because maple acutely recognise underneath a ludicrous bit. tall, makeshift chocolate

  80. McNope Nope

    McNope NopePred 19 urami

    Thus looks truly amazing!!!! I'm so ready for this. What a time to be alive!!!

  81. TheSlasherN00b

    TheSlasherN00bPred 19 urami

    Very charismatic Narrator

  82. suicidetony

    suicidetonyPred 19 urami

    I'm sold.

  83. Chris W

    Chris WPred 20 urami

    Did Jermaine just narrate a DnD trailer? Yes plz

  84. werthy is my name

    werthy is my namePred 20 urami

    This game looks fun

  85. Reknilador

    RekniladorPred 20 urami

    This looks great, cant wait!

  86. Justin James

    Justin JamesPred 20 urami

    Is there couch coop?

  87. Robert-Alexander

    Robert-AlexanderPred 20 urami

    flight of the concords?

  88. Wolvenne Klaw

    Wolvenne KlawPred 20 urami

    First game I'll buy at launch since Anthem, can't freaking wait.

  89. Reaper gaming#123

    Reaper gaming#123Pred 21 uro

    Free with xbox gamepass

  90. darkrood

    darkroodPred 21 uro

    Typical D&D: No1 Wanna be a healer.

  91. Jared O'Kelley

    Jared O'KelleyPred 21 uro

    haha is that flight of the conchords?

  92. Recklessly Random

    Recklessly RandomPred 22 urami

    This narrated by the big hermit crab from Moana?

  93. Dame Mixslayer

    Dame MixslayerPred dnevom

    This is gonna be fun. And the narrator is hilarious.

  94. Johny Relax

    Johny RelaxPred dnevom

    Damn, the narrator nailed it, I'm hyped.

  95. Demon King

    Demon KingPred dnevom

    Day one on game pass baabbbyyy!!!! 😱😱😱

  96. Regards Down

    Regards DownPred dnevom

    Вы просто убили серию книг, которую я читал в школьные годы. Если бы тут было хоть что-то связное, а так очередной клик шлак. Надеюсь они додумаються изменить имена персонажей!

  97. Redwald Cuthberting

    Redwald CuthbertingPred dnevom

    Wulfgar means 'wolf-spear' in Ænglisc.

  98. wjb

    wjbPred dnevom

    Graphics looks to cartoony

  99. Dirudo

    DirudoPred dnevom


  100. Tim Ellis

    Tim EllisPred dnevom

    The commentary on this trailer is freaking amazing hahahaha Just for that I'm palying this haha

  101. Leejinking Kin

    Leejinking KinPred dnevom

    so ia it free

  102. Sparky

    SparkyPred dnevom

    Game Pass Day 1🤙💚