Battlefield 2042 - Official Reveal Trailer

Watch the intense, action-packed, and brutal reveal trailer for the first-person shooter, Battlefield 2042.

Adapt and overcome in a near-future world transformed by disorder when Battlefield 2042 arrives on October 22, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


  1. PARS Almila

    PARS AlmilaPred 51 minuto

    film yapında izleyelim bee

  2. Xifihas

    XifihasPred uro

    If the last few Battlefield games are anything to go by, the servers will go down constantly for the first few months. Stable servers will show up about 2 weeks before the first DLC pack. Of course, microtransactions will be present and excessive from the start.

  3. Muhd Khairul

    Muhd KhairulPred 2 urami

    waw trailer nampak menarik tapi tunggula gamenya nanti...

  4. Rocket Luncher

    Rocket LuncherPred 2 urami

    what a bulsshit

  5. Light

    LightPred 2 urami

    Awwwwweeesome 👀👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Vilém Neumann

    Vilém NeumannPred 3 urami

    Peace of shajt

  7. Ron Jo

    Ron JoPred 3 urami

    The operators move in such a tactical way! Like a peasant army in medieval battles. Realism begone!

  8. Siya Mava

    Siya MavaPred 3 urami

    Breath taking!

  9. Ronan Shamrock

    Ronan ShamrockPred 3 urami

    Flight engineer: Ummm, sir. Why do you have a MAAWS? Pilot: Better question FE, why don't you have one? Only in Battlefield. . .You gotta love it

  10. Kaleef Rayya

    Kaleef RayyaPred 3 urami

    3:16 i'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

  11. -sTc- Fox

    -sTc- FoxPred 4 urami

    The meme of jumping out of your plane and getting back into it was easily the best part lmfao

  12. Douglas Carr

    Douglas CarrPred 4 urami

    DICE can go to hell.

  13. 【A C E】

    【A C E】Pred 46 minutami

    lmao ok

  14. Daniel Enrique Heinrich Enrico Jr

    Daniel Enrique Heinrich Enrico JrPred 4 urami


  15. Savyasaachi Manjrekar

    Savyasaachi ManjrekarPred 4 urami


  16. 🥃

    🥃Pred 4 urami

    Trailer literally showed nothing

  17. The Bee

    The BeePred 5 urami

    Another 5 hour long campaign for 69 € .

  18. Leonard Koesler

    Leonard KoeslerPred 5 urami

    Still no clue who's fighting who and why. Amazing plot.

  19. Diablotry

    DiablotryPred 3 urami

    There won't be a campaign in this one, so the plot will probably be like the one in the first titanfall: These two groups exist and they want to kill each other

  20. LilElfy

    LilElfyPred 5 urami

    So badass

  21. Jason Thayer

    Jason ThayerPred 5 urami

    Thought it was Just Cause 5 for a second!

  22. TheNoob’s YT

    TheNoob’s YTPred 5 urami

    0:27 poor guy just wanted to send a friend request

  23. scarabella

    scarabellaPred 5 urami

    Looking forward to playing this!

  24. Vaidas Poškus

    Vaidas PoškusPred 5 urami

    Me: Looks like I’m watching a fantastic action movie. Fast and Furious 15: Please

  25. Fatih SÖNMEZ

    Fatih SÖNMEZPred 6 urami

    3:21 ha***ktir lan oradan. İzlerken utandım mq

  26. Gfunk Era

    Gfunk EraPred 6 urami

    For playstation???? Please

  27. Lil Miss Jay

    Lil Miss JayPred 6 urami

    "We want this one to be in the future, but not far enough where anything cool happens."

  28. mrinal hadnoorker

    mrinal hadnoorkerPred 6 urami

    ppl are fighting and suddenly see a they skip everything for a while and run and someone suddenly decides to just wingsuit into the storm for reasons unknown

  29. mrinal hadnoorker

    mrinal hadnoorkerPred 6 urami

    dfaq was this

  30. Kain Sin

    Kain SinPred 6 urami

    My main Question. Is this cross play between Xbox X series and PC?

  31. David G

    David GPred 6 urami

    What’s the song in the trailer

  32. gameboy season 1

    gameboy season 1Pred 6 urami

    This game soonly noted in history

  33. DaveAkilan PUBG

    DaveAkilan PUBGPred 6 urami

    Very impressed they included the moves some players might have already done like the atv on helicopter and jet exit rocket to the enmy jet back to own jet etc

  34. B1J3SH

    B1J3SHPred 7 urami

    wow moments . The jet fighter scene . Tornado scene . The assassination of soldiers among containers

  35. Boe Jiden

    Boe JidenPred 7 urami

    Just so y’all realize, if this was real, some of the soldiers in the game arent even born yet. Let that sink in.

  36. Diablotry

    DiablotryPred 3 urami

    I'm afraid of sinks

  37. IT’Z SPiNNA

    IT’Z SPiNNAPred 7 urami

    Its the man ejecting himself from the cockpit just to fire a rocket launcher for me though

  38. Oil HeaterB3

    Oil HeaterB3Pred 7 urami


  39. Justin Schiavo

    Justin SchiavoPred 7 urami

    If anyone were that close to a rocket launch (~1 mile) they would die from the sound alone

  40. Vex

    VexPred 7 urami

    Make a zombie mode and a zombie storyline 😭😭

  41. tobey the bully

    tobey the bullyPred 7 urami

    In 2042 even the buildings are rgb

  42. Nathan Todd

    Nathan ToddPred 7 urami

    3:10 only in battlefield

  43. King Lt

    King LtPred 7 urami

    Still more believable than the fast and furious series

  44. Agera R

    Agera RPred 8 urami

    3:15 Most Americans don't know what's physics is. They're busy saving the world 😂😂😂

  45. C. K

    C. KPred 8 urami


  46. coma_ toad

    coma_ toadPred 8 urami

    Take my money

  47. Scott W

    Scott WPred 8 urami

    This doesn't appear inclusive enough. Where's the lgbt representation? EA is nothing but racists

  48. guachands123

    guachands123Pred 8 urami

    The perfect song for this trailer would be Tornado of Souls!!!

  49. Cartnite Dealer

    Cartnite DealerPred 8 urami

    This needs to be made into a actual movie

  50. TJ Reynolds

    TJ ReynoldsPred 8 urami

    Rest in peace warzone. EA won't tolerate cheat software for real.

  51. Chalks October

    Chalks OctoberPred 8 urami

    Based on a true story.

  52. Paul Kiser

    Paul KiserPred 8 urami

    C-4 4wheeler off the roof into a chopper😂

  53. J N

    J NPred 9 urami

    Battefield Royal im calling it now.

  54. Jose Marin

    Jose MarinPred 9 urami

    Oh no call of duty

  55. Garol Stipock

    Garol StipockPred 9 urami

    Ahh... The false purity of warfare... and the soft indoctrination of the young of its glory..

  56. Simonsayyzz

    SimonsayyzzPred 9 urami

    Moral of the story: wear a wingsuit

  57. K K

    K KPred 9 urami

    This trailer got me mobile gamer rethink to upgrade my pc.

  58. RylanC360

    RylanC360Pred 9 urami

    4:22 got me laughing so hard tho

  59. Diego Godoy

    Diego GodoyPred 9 urami

    An AH-6 Litlle Bird can escape two Kamov 52 and make them crash into each other, sure...

  60. Wedge

    WedgePred 10 urami

    Cant wait to play this game in 21 years when im 50

  61. Patrick Gorski

    Patrick GorskiPred 10 urami

    Man made warfare weather sounds about right too bad war will never look like this on a battle scale but it’ll be fun more war is Cold War type and psychological operations

  62. Tom Nemeth

    Tom NemethPred 10 urami

    this is the battlefield we all deserved

  63. Tao of Jester

    Tao of JesterPred 10 urami

    The new Mario Cart looks sick!

  64. Dimitrije Spasić

    Dimitrije SpasićPred 10 urami

    I'm getting C&C vibes.

  65. Jorgey Garcya

    Jorgey GarcyaPred 10 urami

    Ach, es GIBT noch Eis im Jahr 2042 ? Dann ist doch alles mit dem Klimakollaps nicht so schlimm ...!!

  66. armyatc22

    armyatc22Pred 10 urami

    The music is perfect….talk about pumping you up…oh yeahhhhh!!!

  67. Jonathan Clark

    Jonathan ClarkPred 10 urami

    Not feeling it at all. Just looks off. After Battlefield V ill be salty til they deliver for sure.

  68. Joe Aardvark

    Joe AardvarkPred 10 urami


  69. HJL JR

    HJL JRPred 10 urami

    The music makes this trailer ten times better

  70. Fantomas Fantomas

    Fantomas FantomasPred 10 urami

    look like same as battlefield 5 showing trailer miss leading marketing am stick with battlefield 4 better then this

  71. letsdothisshiat

    letsdothisshiatPred 11 urami

    doesnt even look that futuristic

  72. Nekon_Neko

    Nekon_NekoPred 11 urami

    The new gender reveal is sick

  73. Justin Shelton

    Justin SheltonPred 11 urami

    IDGAF what anybody says. Battlefield trailers have always gotten me hyped as hell. Glad to see they know how we play haha.

  74. Louis V

    Louis VPred 11 urami

    they finally realized they shouldnt go for historical accuracy, they are fully embracing the true character of battlefield

  75. Ariz Imran

    Ariz ImranPred 11 urami

    American govt: russian are so stereotype towards murikkka . Meanwhile every American warfare game : ----------

  76. Jam Pac

    Jam PacPred 11 urami

    Bad company 2042. Would be dope.

  77. TheRealFoxRipley

    TheRealFoxRipleyPred 11 urami

    So, what's the story about?

  78. Daddy Diesel

    Daddy DieselPred 11 urami

    Never played a battlefield game can someone explain what this js

  79. Eli Bigelow

    Eli BigelowPred 12 urami

    0:46 what the dog doin

  80. scarabella

    scarabellaPred 5 urami


  81. Gaming with Landon

    Gaming with LandonPred 7 urami

    @Eli Bigelow shooting stuff

  82. Eli Bigelow

    Eli BigelowPred 7 urami

    @Gaming with Landon what the dog doin

  83. Gaming with Landon

    Gaming with LandonPred 9 urami

    It’s a tank


    THEOFILO4Pred 12 urami

    Such a downgrade

  85. TheU2bstud

    TheU2bstudPred 12 urami

    1:46 penguins 🐧

  86. Jesus Cabrera

    Jesus CabreraPred 12 urami


  87. Carson Hoy

    Carson HoyPred 12 urami

    Death by crushing seems to be an issue in 2042

  88. Сашок Фотка моя

    Сашок Фотка мояPred 12 urami

    2145 ??

  89. Scuffed Eddy

    Scuffed EddyPred 12 urami

    looks so cool can't wait to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Ser Castamere

    Ser CastamerePred 13 urami

    Better be worth dropping Battlfront 2...

  91. Javi del Val

    Javi del ValPred 13 urami

    so is this a game or a fuckin movie 🤷‍♂️

  92. Hua Han

    Hua HanPred 13 urami

    Seen like we gonna play it in next 21 years

  93. Ravivik

    RavivikPred 13 urami

    If this game's future sequal isn't set in the year 2077...

  94. Hector Alves

    Hector AlvesPred 13 urami

    carai Battlefield dahoraaa como sempre!!

  95. try_neat

    try_neatPred 13 urami

    This, this is bussin

  96. Nick B

    Nick BPred 13 urami

    Video games are the governments way of disclosing facts. Look at black ops with zombies an element 115, we should be real scared lol

  97. Tony C

    Tony CPred 14 urami

    Battlefield players: cod is so unrealistic. DICE: hold our beers....

  98. Tertu Ndokosho

    Tertu NdokoshoPred 14 urami

    Man everyone in this trailer is having a bad day

  99. EvoS

    EvoSPred 14 urami


  100. Jon Jordan

    Jon JordanPred 14 urami

    Battlefield went from 1900's to 2040s.... interesting logic... looks very high tech and will im sure encourage the trolls to play this game.

  101. Uber Huber

    Uber HuberPred 14 urami


  102. PK Jhunta

    PK JhuntaPred 15 urami

    ooooooooohh hell yes

  103. RoseCityRider

    RoseCityRiderPred 15 urami

    The cockpit ejection scene made me bust out laughing. 😂🙄


    FER RAZALASPred 15 urami

    A representation of mankind fighting against covid during 2020.

  105. Red5.0Fox

    Red5.0FoxPred 15 urami

    Kickstart my heart was a perfect song choice.

  106. Jamie McElwain

    Jamie McElwainPred 15 urami

    have fun not playing this ps5 fans

  107. Chiquito Flores

    Chiquito FloresPred 15 urami

    i'll come back to this in 21 years