Elder Scrolls Online Next Gen Upgrade - PS5 & Xbox Series X|S Performance Preview

The Elder Scrolls Online Next Gen Upgrade is coming June 15th to both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but while you wait, Bethesda has shared a few scenes to give us an early look at what the new enhancements look like for console. This Elder Scrolls Online Performance Preview takes a look at the Next Gen Upgrade or as it's also referred to as the Console Enhanced version of the game that brings Fidelity \u0026 Performance modes to the game. This includes a 4K 30fps mode and a 1440p 60fps high frame rate mode as an option for players.


  1. mhardee 1221

    mhardee 1221Pred 8 minutami

    Is this even still going to happen or can you just not download it until it actually releases?

  2. Boris

    BorisPred 19 minutami

    I'm surprised a game like this is not running 4k 60fps natively on next gen....

  3. Gavin Finks

    Gavin FinksPred 51 minuto

    Forget the graphics! Overhaul the combat! Its garbage thats why the rest of us arent playing yet

  4. Ouroboros

    OuroborosPred 6 urami

    One more day to go 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. Rhaum GamingTV

    Rhaum GamingTVPred 10 urami

    Still cant get 4k 60fps… sucjs

  6. UnyieldingSpartan

    UnyieldingSpartanPred 11 urami

    To be honest this game could've easily ran 4k60fps but I'll take 1440p60fps

  7. Halil OZAN AĞCA

    Halil OZAN AĞCAPred 11 urami

    Will it come for the PC?

  8. Dracos Maximus

    Dracos MaximusPred 20 urami

    My ps5 performance mode says 1080p enhanced not 1440p.

  9. n00bfish

    n00bfishPred 20 urami

    The 60fps is the biggest improvement, and it’s the one that is discussed here the least.

  10. Jonathan Cruz69

    Jonathan Cruz69Pred 21 uro


  11. Codegard Trofmoc

    Codegard TrofmocPred 22 urami

    Looks the same on quality mode....60fps for an mmo is a must tho

  12. Luke

    LukePred 23 urami

    When is this enhanced version released

  13. The Won

    The WonPred 20 urami


  14. Verbalkint 07203

    Verbalkint 07203Pred dnevom

    Would be nice if they took advantage of ps5 adaptive triggers

  15. kevin moran

    kevin moranPred dnevom

    Wow looks exactly the same

  16. fhm4OVERLORD

    fhm4OVERLORDPred 14 urami

    on PS4, it looked like it ran at 10 fps, iirc.

  17. D & G

    D & GPred dnevom

    So someone tell me is this game going to be worth it looks beautiful

  18. Martin cK

    Martin cKPred 2 dnevi

    calling reshade effects next gen ... use reshade and you have the same

  19. Cuban Cucumber

    Cuban CucumberPred 2 dnevi

    Please tell me this isn’t just the One X version again.

  20. fhm4OVERLORD

    fhm4OVERLORDPred 14 urami

    how do you release an enhanced edition for same console? it's for Series S, Series X and PS5.

  21. G.B.P. Strating

    G.B.P. StratingPred 2 dnevi

    coming from a one x to series x i must say until now i,m not impressed with these updates except gears 5 and forza horizon 4. For the rest these upgrades feel the same as a one x console.

  22. G.B.P. Strating

    G.B.P. StratingPred 3 urami

    @Kadu Nogueira Its the older games that feels new again thanks to auto HDR and fps boost. Don,t get me wrong i,m very happy with my series x. I know that the real deal is still coming out. Its just the series x patches that are quite dissapointing, at least for Jedi:fallen order and Ark: survival evolved.

  23. Kadu Nogueira

    Kadu NogueiraPred dnevom

    Cap... How does it feel like a one X ?? The console is blazing fast quick resume is the real next gen feature that is under appreciated .. imagine

  24. Winging It With Bleep

    Winging It With BleepPred 2 dnevi

    just get a PC

  25. Vhsss Tv

    Vhsss TvPred 2 dnevi

    lowkey kinda a waste of time.. anti aliasing is the only thing that acc looks much better... should have focused on features like more npcs and new animations and effects for magic and just general gameplay related graphics

  26. joe zaleski

    joe zaleskiPred 2 dnevi

    When do these upgrades hit?

  27. NCR Ranger

    NCR RangerPred 2 dnevi

    The 15th.

  28. Elderly Junior

    Elderly JuniorPred 2 dnevi

    Put DLSS in Skyrim SE

  29. Sarik Rana

    Sarik RanaPred 2 dnevi

    PS5/XSX is so weak. That it can't even run a old cross-gen game at 4k 60fps. How do people expect it to run new way more demanding titles at other than 1080p 60fps is beyond me.

  30. Gerald Holmes

    Gerald HolmesPred 2 dnevi


  31. Robert Lorenzo

    Robert LorenzoPred 3 dnevi

    Does it make the game have an official ps5 symbol by it? If so imma pass there's no space on my ps5 and can't put any 5 games on external hardive.

  32. Bangy boi

    Bangy boiPred 3 dnevi

    Id give up all these enhancements to fix the lag 😒

  33. Freekii

    FreekiiPred 3 dnevi

    Its all the same 😂

  34. anvb5a1

    anvb5a1Pred 3 dnevi

    Oh, awesome! More graphical improvements no human can notice to push for new overheating hardware! \o/

  35. robertwarrior

    robertwarriorPred 3 dnevi

    Oceanic servers please!

  36. CptWesker07

    CptWesker07Pred 3 dnevi

    Still looks better on PC in 4k 120 fps

  37. Brukujin Brokujin

    Brukujin BrokujinPred 3 dnevi

    If you wanna search for graphics and animation, go BDO.

  38. PennywiseTheDancingClowN !

    PennywiseTheDancingClowN !Pred 3 dnevi

    This game engine needs to implement tessellation more for geometry! Then these flat rocks, Wouldn't appear as flat updated rocks still...

  39. UNREALx4

    UNREALx4Pred 3 dnevi

    What about the lag? Were tf is that fix at

  40. Luna's World

    Luna's WorldPred 3 dnevi

    Well done devs. Cant wait for this and to jump back in!

  41. Namoud Normand

    Namoud NormandPred 3 dnevi

    difference between first gen and second gen : OMG this is so much better ! difference between fourth gen and fifth gen : a LiTtle Bit MoRe Fog oVer HeRe :|

  42. cav0

    cav0Pred 3 dnevi

    Game needs more pvp options

  43. Accuracy158

    Accuracy158Pred 3 dnevi

    Eh seems like it won't do anything for PC. More like they are just taking stuff that was already incorporated into PC and using now that they have extra power to work with.

  44. Taco Tuesdays

    Taco TuesdaysPred 3 dnevi

    final fantasy 14 does it better

  45. ChilledFish88

    ChilledFish88Pred 3 dnevi

    Hopefully they'll fix the stability of the servers, especially when doing dungeons

  46. xSilentGhost

    xSilentGhostPred 3 dnevi

    60 FPS ? Lmao were it at though ?

  47. Sam T

    Sam TPred 3 dnevi

    This will include the Xbox one x right?

  48. Machine

    MachinePred 3 dnevi


  49. Ian Marin

    Ian MarinPred 3 dnevi

    Since the game is already a 100+gb game when that update comes it’s going to be a 200gb game💀💀

  50. Kadu Nogueira

    Kadu NogueiraPred 3 dnevi

    Ps5 has no 1440p support .. so how can you say it is 1440p performance mode on ps5 ?

  51. TheFunkyjunky77

    TheFunkyjunky77Pred dnevom

    @Kadu Nogueira The ps5 itself is capable of rendering something at 1440p (or any other resolution) it just can’t display that resolution on a television, so the TV will upscale or downscale the image from 1440p to the maximum resolution of whatever TV is being used.

  52. Kadu Nogueira

    Kadu NogueiraPred dnevom

    @TheFunkyjunky77 but how is the ps5 going to output at 1440p if it doesn't have 1440p support ?

  53. TheFunkyjunky77

    TheFunkyjunky77Pred dnevom

    @Kadu Nogueira No, the PS5 will output at 1440p and then upscale to 4K if you have a 4K tv. If you have a 1080p tv, then the PS5 will output at 1440p and then downscale to 1080p.

  54. Kadu Nogueira

    Kadu NogueiraPred 3 dnevi

    @Dee Harp so ps5 will be outputting 1080p and than the tv upscale it to 1440p ?

  55. Dee Harp

    Dee HarpPred 3 dnevi

    @Kadu Nogueira if you have a 4k tv you will get the higher resolution. It will upscale to 4k.

  56. StaticLocs

    StaticLocsPred 3 dnevi

    Huge improvements, still looks a bit dated, hopefully they update the animations and make the characters appear less stiff

  57. Aspect Nick

    Aspect NickPred 3 dnevi

    It’s an old game lol what do you expect a whole rework of the game.

  58. sean sullivan

    sean sullivanPred 3 dnevi


  59. Matics

    MaticsPred 3 dnevi

    Wait, so does that mean it will be using Ray Tracing?

  60. G R I M

    G R I MPred 3 dnevi

    No. No ray tracing.

  61. Jaime Garibay

    Jaime GaribayPred 3 dnevi

    This is what my imagination used to do to Ultima Games. 😆

  62. Aravindsrihari B V

    Aravindsrihari B VPred 4 dnevi

    Glad my xbox series s can do 1080p 60fps

  63. Steven Kohai

    Steven KohaiPred 4 dnevi

    Cool… still waiting for this to be on Xbox Play Anywhere…

  64. MagicalMelon567

    MagicalMelon567Pred 4 dnevi

    Skyrim should be next

  65. Caenir

    CaenirPred 3 dnevi

    You want a 6th release of Skyrim? (Original, special edition, switch, vr, Alexa and now a ps5/series X).

  66. solidSNAKE_127 11

    solidSNAKE_127 11Pred 4 dnevi

    Also hopefully they take the time to grade the game properly so that’s one reason I’m gonna wait also will be more or however long it takes we don’t want another fallout 76 no offense intended

  67. 77SBCR

    77SBCRPred 4 dnevi

    You realise this game is at least 5years old and it look like xbox360

  68. solidSNAKE_127 11

    solidSNAKE_127 11Pred 4 dnevi

    I’m guessing you got delayed oh well lease is coming up soon

  69. solidSNAKE_127 11

    solidSNAKE_127 11Pred 4 dnevi

    Which was Tuesday

  70. solidSNAKE_127 11

    solidSNAKE_127 11Pred 4 dnevi

    Supposed to release June 8 but oh well at least it’s coming out soon

  71. solidSNAKE_127 11

    solidSNAKE_127 11Pred 4 dnevi

    What happened to it was supposed to release June 8

  72. Kiba Moa Chiin

    Kiba Moa ChiinPred 3 dnevi

    Pushed back 1 week for bug fixes

  73. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezPred 4 dnevi

    Cool but do trials and pvp still lag and drop frame rate ?

  74. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezPred dnevom

    @Pablo Escobar LOL guess I’ll won’t be coming back on console then -_-

  75. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo EscobarPred 3 dnevi

    Yes, yes they do-_-

  76. PunkRockZombie205

    PunkRockZombie205Pred 4 dnevi

    None of this matters. When they release the next dlc, the companion system is gonna break this precariously held together spaghetti coded game

  77. Ivan Jovanovic

    Ivan JovanovicPred 4 dnevi

    N E W engine Bethesda with next gen visuals and perfect animations third person so we can see nice armors, find artists and designers this is shame in 2021. Gamers ignore all please we need new standards look at Horizon and ANIMATIONS, Baldur's Gate 2 look nice but this 😊 I installed it yesterday compare with Assassin's Creed Valhalla and uninstall this old looking ES next second

  78. John Wick

    John WickPred 3 dnevi

    Horizon is too high hurdle for Bethesda 😂

  79. James Cooke

    James CookePred 4 dnevi

    What about HDR? Right now there's no way to turn it off in game (you have to do it at the console system level) and it looks TERRIBLE. Honestly embarrassing how bad it looks. If you can't get it right, at least let me turn it off in game.

  80. José Lago

    José LagoPred 4 dnevi

    So cool, it's gonna look awesome, can't wait 👏👏👏

  81. QDTV

    QDTVPred 4 dnevi

    You guys inspired me to do what you do. Feels like 15 years I've been watching you guy's 😀

  82. Brandon Ramin

    Brandon RaminPred 4 dnevi

    Is the population for this game large?

  83. seniorita

    senioritaPred 3 dnevi

    After WoW, the most popular mmo game with biggest players base.

  84. Ultimate Blue

    Ultimate BluePred 4 dnevi

    It's in the top ten most populated mmo's

  85. Oli

    OliPred 4 dnevi

    It's on Gamepass so there's always a steady enough playerbase.

  86. n3fieu

    n3fieuPred 4 dnevi

    *inserts image of people camping shadowfen nodes Yes.

  87. Silverback Gamer

    Silverback GamerPred 4 dnevi

    Really looking forward to this.

  88. Asian Import

    Asian ImportPred 4 dnevi

    So is this stuff already in the PC version? The dev mentioned they overhauled the AO and SSGI systems, so I'm wondering if that means they just translated the existing systems over from the PC version, or if it's something completely new that PC players like me will get as well...

  89. DeathClawDC

    DeathClawDCPred 4 dnevi


  90. Luis Nunes

    Luis NunesPred 4 dnevi

    Cool, now do the animations and try making the game less stiff, everything moves like its a 2008 game. Thats what needs to be updated

  91. Mappy Bc

    Mappy BcPred 18 urami

    Funny you say that because that's what Bethesda should have done a long time ago, outsource a competent engine like Unreal or Decima. Their own code is anemic, Fallout 76 looks barely better that Fallout New Vegas which is pathetic honestly.

  92. FourEyedGeek

    FourEyedGeekPred 18 urami

    @Mappy Bc So what? Epic Games have only used one engine since 1999, Unreal Engine, but they have updated it along the way. You are wrong though, about the number of engines they have used since they also developed TES: Blades, Fallout Shelter and IHRA Drag Racing.

  93. FourEyedGeek

    FourEyedGeekPred 18 urami

    @77SBCR You're a fool. It was Developed by ZoS and Bethesda Published it. It doesn't use the Creation Engine, but their own and HeroEngine was used in early development. Oblivion used GameBryo which Creation Engine was based on, and Oblivion was never released on GameCube.

  94. Andrew Whyte

    Andrew WhytePred dnevom

    @77SBCR we got an “engine” expert.


    OTO CLAN BEATSPred dnevom

    If they would just make the new skyrim. We wouldn't have to worry about these updated graphics to an old game. Bethesda is taking too long🤦🏾‍♂️

  96. Bugsy

    BugsyPred 4 dnevi

    Graphics cool and all.. but where’s the sever updates and cross play?

  97. Owen Lee

    Owen LeePred 3 dnevi

    Server update yes but crossplay might be problematic bec diff in game economy and addons support on pc might become pvp unbalance issues

  98. Anthony Chesery

    Anthony CheseryPred 4 dnevi

    upvote this guy

  99. CJToman

    CJTomanPred 4 dnevi

    4K 60 would’ve been nice.

  100. Cuban Cucumber

    Cuban CucumberPred 2 dnevi

    @GoosieBumps the Series X is capable of higher than 4k 30. Perhaps not 60 for this game.

  101. Mister Pinkman

    Mister PinkmanPred 2 dnevi

    @GoosieBumps depends on the game

  102. GoosieBumps

    GoosieBumpsPred 3 dnevi

    The consoles aren't capable of that or else the would have done it.

  103. Ghost Fire

    Ghost FirePred 4 dnevi

    Still no crossplay.

  104. Hector Matthews

    Hector MatthewsPred 4 dnevi


  105. Karl

    KarlPred 4 dnevi

    Game supports Dolby Vision too, looks superb. It's available now on Series X/S.

  106. Cuban Cucumber

    Cuban CucumberPred 2 dnevi

    Is dolby vision worth it?

  107. Jijo George

    Jijo GeorgePred 4 dnevi

    15th right?

  108. Alejandro Cárdenas

    Alejandro CárdenasPred 4 dnevi

    A bad looking game looks slightly better, wow

  109. Oli

    OliPred 4 dnevi

    It never looked bad to begin with you dope, for an MMO it looks great.

  110. Gocaine • 100 years ago

    Gocaine • 100 years agoPred 4 dnevi

    Might give this another try while I'm waiting for Endwalker

  111. J Krah

    J KrahPred 4 dnevi

    This game died 4 years ago

  112. Machine

    MachinePred 3 dnevi

    Just because you don't like it doesnt mean it's dead, game has tens of thousands of people on a slow day. Now go cry in your little corner.

  113. Mai Vançon

    Mai VançonPred 4 dnevi

    We want RTX Minecraft!

  114. Riderz_13 _

    Riderz_13 _Pred 4 dnevi

    Me too lol

  115. SonicHeadK240

    SonicHeadK240Pred 4 dnevi

    This is coming from a PS5 owner just fyi, but how is it a 1440p 60FPS mode? Doesn't the PS5 not do 1440p?

  116. Ishan

    IshanPred 4 dnevi

    You sir need a dose of Digital Foundry in your life. Look them up on youtube.

  117. Litmcgee

    LitmcgeePred 4 dnevi

    games can support 1440p but the ps5 interface doesn't run at 1440p

  118. Odin AllFather

    Odin AllFatherPred 4 dnevi

    Xbox already got it

  119. MarSH

    MarSHPred 4 dnevi

    dont care bout env texture upgrade...just upgrade you character design/creation...

  120. Cas ual

    Cas ualPred 2 dnevi

    Especially all this clipping and lazy, rushed design on character models.

  121. J

    JPred 4 dnevi

    Can't dress up a turd and and call it great. Still a meh game.

  122. Faterial

    FaterialPred 4 dnevi

    people still play this

  123. Davon Lewis

    Davon LewisPred 4 dnevi

    Oh look u turned your settings on high😐

  124. Goats Miserable

    Goats MiserablePred 4 dnevi

    Everyone has a PC these days you aren’t special lol

  125. cem ismen

    cem ismenPred 4 dnevi

    Fix ms first

  126. Edgar Rubalcava

    Edgar RubalcavaPred 4 dnevi

    Fix yourself shitstation fan .

  127. malik Jackson

    malik JacksonPred 4 dnevi

    Do ppl play this game?

  128. Brandon Hasting

    Brandon HastingPred 4 dnevi

    its a mmo million of people are playing it

  129. -1nterruption -

    -1nterruption -Pred 4 dnevi

    Yes. Many

  130. Edson Haefliger

    Edson HaefligerPred 4 dnevi

    It's just a graphic change, the character still can't dive or climb a simple ladder, that would be an improvement.


    XBOX RULESPred 4 dnevi

    MS needs to cut support for ps versions

  132. MrDinodane

    MrDinodanePred 4 dnevi

    Awesome. Wish 120fps was on the table at 1080p for series x though

  133. Kiba Moa Chiin

    Kiba Moa ChiinPred 3 dnevi

    I'm sure they wanted the game to be 100% stable without any frame drops at higher than Ultra settings. Since it's an mmorpg you will often have more than 100 players and enemies on the screen during stuff like events, raids etc, so they made sure the framerate stays solid.

  134. Danumis

    DanumisPred 4 dnevi

    This game isn't that heavy on PC and the Series X should be able to do 4K/60 IMO.

  135. Drew

    DrewPred 4 dnevi

    Yeah thatd be really nice, who knows maybe itll get added to the list of fps boost

  136. Enlightened Person

    Enlightened PersonPred 4 dnevi


  137. Rainbow Stay

    Rainbow StayPred 4 dnevi

    Frames over looks tbh

  138. Probably Keen

    Probably KeenPred 4 dnevi

    Completely subjective, especially depending on the genre

  139. Nizar El Zarif

    Nizar El ZarifPred 4 dnevi

    The difference is huge, try watching the video in 4k to see the massive difference even with youtube compressions. But most importantly is the 60 FPS optionn.

  140. Sarik Rana

    Sarik RanaPred 2 dnevi

    Yeah a old cross gen game running at 1440p 60fps. Great /S.

  141. BiG RaGe no. 2

    BiG RaGe no. 2Pred 3 dnevi

    @Darren Pogue isn't that just the Dolby Vision dark mode?

  142. Darren Pogue

    Darren PoguePred 4 dnevi

    @Destin Great video! Question - The game currently has overly saturated colors and dark HDR on the Series X. Has that been resolved? One thing to check is the HDR brightness setting which is currently broken.

  143. BiG RaGe no. 2

    BiG RaGe no. 2Pred 4 dnevi

    @Destin it's him, the legend. Hello there 🤗

  144. 77SBCR

    77SBCRPred 4 dnevi

    Lol, wait to be in cyro and talk about the 60fps again

  145. Thumb Aim

    Thumb AimPred 4 dnevi

    Wow what an upgrade. Amazing

  146. XProjectBluebeamX

    XProjectBluebeamXPred 4 dnevi

    How about you guys upgrade the fkn servers

  147. Shidqi

    ShidqiPred 4 dnevi

    anyone still playing this game

  148. CMDRKinAkuma

    CMDRKinAkumaPred 4 dnevi

    Yes a lot actually

  149. Renato Ortiz

    Renato OrtizPred 4 dnevi


  150. Michael Wenhold

    Michael WenholdPred 4 dnevi

    It’s not put till the 15th so how are you reviewing it

  151. gmerc 07

    gmerc 07Pred 4 dnevi

    Will there be support for the dualsense controller? Vibration features and what not?

  152. Darkus45

    Darkus45Pred 3 dnevi

    @Jon Gladstone ...because the game is also on PS5? Just because Bethesda was bought it doesn't mean they'll stop putting games on PS5 or that when they do they'll just refuse to make a sensible port. Microsoft will get temporary exclusivity for future projects, that's the main change for us users.

  153. Jon Gladstone

    Jon GladstonePred 4 dnevi

    Why would bethesda develop that for ps5 considering bethesda is now microsofts.

  154. Stephen Kao

    Stephen KaoPred 4 dnevi

    This what I’m really wanting to know!!

  155. Smoke

    SmokePred 4 dnevi

    People saying they dont notice a difference are dumb, its like going from 720p to 1080p, you wont really notice until you go back lol, play on series x for months and go back you will definitely tell

  156. Smoke

    SmokePred 16 urami

    @Cas ual im not saying its ground breaking lol but there is a difference

  157. Cas ual

    Cas ualPred 2 dnevi

    If you come from PS4 Pro there is really not much difference. It’s basically the 4K mode and graphic mode only combined. Nothing to be impressed about tbh. This should be the least what to expect of some „next gen“ update

  158. Joshua Fleming

    Joshua FlemingPred 3 dnevi

    @Fozaya Malik You must be blind

  159. Smoke

    SmokePred 3 dnevi

    @Fozaya Malik if you say so child

  160. John Wick

    John WickPred 3 dnevi


  161. Elysium Lost

    Elysium LostPred 4 dnevi

    Wait.. The game already runs at 4k on PS4Pro and Xbox One X.. We can't get 60fps at 4K? The drop to 1440p is disappointing. Also this video is comparing base last gen consoles to next gen, I'd be more interested in seeing One X vs Series X.

  162. Tony Bitzer

    Tony BitzerPred 4 dnevi

    Runs at 4K without any of the enhanced lighting shadows and textures. The new 60 FPS mode will have all of those enhancements just at a slightly lower resolution to hit 60fps at all times. Cyrodil was probably making the game drop a ways below 60fps which is probably why they lowered resolution

  163. Mr Smiff

    Mr SmiffPred 4 dnevi

    Apparently volumetric fog Is a graphical enhancement? Lol

  164. Ph.D Dylan

    Ph.D DylanPred 4 dnevi

    from medium to high. meh, the only thing everyone cares is the loading time

  165. YxngTrxll Prodxctions

    YxngTrxll ProdxctionsPred 4 dnevi

    and 60 fps

  166. TheShadowMaster64

    TheShadowMaster64Pred 4 dnevi

    Nah bro, 30-60fps is gonna be great!

  167. Onyx

    OnyxPred 4 dnevi

    30FPS. Weak. 🤣

  168. Sasuke The God of Shinobi

    Sasuke The God of ShinobiPred 4 dnevi

    Shitty devs Ps5 runs games with higher graphics and details then this game at 4k60 or 1440p 60 RT (miles morales R%C Rift Apart) even cold war has checkerboard 4k 60FPS RT

  169. Achoren

    AchorenPred 4 dnevi

    Dead game

  170. -1nterruption -

    -1nterruption -Pred 4 dnevi

    There are still alot of people that play this game. It's far from dead. Complete opposite

  171. CMDRKinAkuma

    CMDRKinAkumaPred 4 dnevi


  172. Karuna

    KarunaPred 4 dnevi

    Looks like you'd need a magnifying glass to tell the difference

  173. Shaun Davids

    Shaun DavidsPred 4 dnevi

    Are you watching in 4k hdr?