The First 17 Minutes of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Master Collection

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 ups the speed and the action of the already blisteringly fast and action packed original. Check out the first 17'ish minutes of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, part of the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection.


  1. King Sharp

    King SharpPred 12 urami

    (.Y.) 🥛🍼

  2. Aria aster

    Aria asterPred 21 uro

    Sigma version of NG 1 is okay but sigma version of NG 2 legit destroys the experience just get an Xbox and play NG black and NG 2


    RIQ TARUPred dnevom

    Same as xbox one x enhanced version...

  4. Ed Has

    Ed HasPred dnevom

    The heads are still there after decapitation or getting crushed with Izuna, somebody missed that one it seems

  5. Matthew Sebastian

    Matthew SebastianPred dnevom

    What no blood.. lame

  6. masskilla469

    masskilla469Pred 2 dnevi

    The Game play seems to stutter during busy scenes!

  7. Ervis Gjonaj

    Ervis GjonajPred 2 dnevi

    Yess the purple mist!! That's what all ninja gaiden fans wanted, team ninja a wish you to fail very bad, from the bottom of my heart.

  8. Oscar Zamora

    Oscar ZamoraPred 3 dnevi

    Wait so why are people mad?

  9. Oscar Zamora

    Oscar ZamoraPred 2 dnevi

    @roofs oh wow

  10. roofs

    roofsPred 2 dnevi

    removed the blood and gore

  11. Saddest

    SaddestPred 3 dnevi

    Am so glad that they do this

  12. jack lichtensztejn

    jack lichtensztejnPred 3 dnevi

    Gore is missing. No reason for them to remove or reduce it. The PS4 and the Xbox One should be able to support it and still keep a solid frame rate.

  13. Alucard Bernardes

    Alucard BernardesPred 3 dnevi

    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 it's a F*CKIN PORT from the PSVITA version but still censored, even the bodies disappear after 4seg instead of being on the ground like the PS3 version... I'm pretty disappointed.

  14. Living the life that matters

    Living the life that mattersPred 3 dnevi

    GOW ripoff?

  15. Mr. Eminem

    Mr. EminemPred 3 dnevi

    Have you ever played the classic one kido??

  16. Marijan Desin

    Marijan DesinPred 3 dnevi

    Why is it blurry?

  17. Doom Slayer 47

    Doom Slayer 47Pred 3 dnevi

    XBOX version ❤️

  18. JAFO-PTY

    JAFO-PTYPred 3 dnevi

    is it buggy on consoles as it is on PCs?

  19. Thinking Tech

    Thinking TechPred 3 dnevi

    When games where simple

  20. Athéna

    AthénaPred 3 dnevi

    Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden 2, are 4K 60 fps games on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X. If you don't own any of those consoles or haven't played any Ninja Gaiden before; then this collection is a must have. But if you do own any of those consoles, you should better get the superior versions exclusive to Xbox and buy this one on sale, just to support the making of Ninja Gaiden 4.

  21. RokushoTheRavager

    RokushoTheRavagerPred 3 dnevi

    @TuffKing Because unlike the Sigma versions, they aren't neutered. If you enjoy blood and gore in video games like do, having your hits feeling like they have no impact, and leaving corpses that look more like empty hollow pottery than bloodstained bodies, is going to piss you off.

  22. TuffKing

    TuffKingPred 3 dnevi

    @Athéna ok fair enough but there both very similar the sigma ones don’t have gore and some stuff is cut out but for the most part there pretty much similar

  23. Athéna

    AthénaPred 3 dnevi

    @TuffKing Because Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden 2 are the best versions of both games, not the Sigma ones.

  24. TuffKing

    TuffKingPred 3 dnevi

    @Athéna ok but why’d you say “superior versions”

  25. Athéna

    AthénaPred 3 dnevi

    @TuffKing Ninja Gaiden (2004), Ninja Gaiden Black (2005), Ninja Gaiden 2 (2008) are exclusive to Xbox games. We're talking about legally availability, not pirated and emulated ones.

  26. Marko Kresojević

    Marko KresojevićPred 4 dnevi

    This game is incredibly similar to the game Devil May Cry 4 (DMC4)

  27. Billy Boleson

    Billy BolesonPred 3 dnevi

    They came out around the same time

  28. mariogpx

    mariogpxPred 3 dnevi


  29. Elvis Maduro

    Elvis MaduroPred 3 dnevi

    DMC takes after NG. Get your timelines straight

  30. Ryan Kino

    Ryan KinoPred 4 dnevi

    You must be on some strong drugs.

  31. D.A.R.E

    D.A.R.EPred 4 dnevi

    Nice port but where's gore ?

  32. D.A.R.E

    D.A.R.EPred 3 dnevi

    @Conor Doyle The PS Vita was gore enabled ... Censore this game is a disappointing decision because it distorts the game which is based on violence and gore. Players love this game for the challenge but also for its assumed extreme violence aspect ...

  33. Conor Doyle

    Conor DoylePred 3 dnevi

    It’s not the 360 version it’s based on the ps3 version which lacked gore

  34. Tom Verstappen Drums

    Tom Verstappen DrumsPred 4 dnevi

    If you love NG 1 and 2 so much like me, but you are disappointed because of the versions, please give this a chance! They 'lost' the data from the xbox versions but Team Ninja is probably looking for a reason to bring NG back with a new title. If lots of people buy this they are basically funding NG4 imo.

  35. 139

    139Pred 4 dnevi

    No jiggle

  36. DiegoBear91

    DiegoBear91Pred 4 dnevi

    It’s a no for me I’ll stick to my backwards compatible one on my series S, the game looks amazing on it

  37. PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아

    PaoloDiCanio문재인박근혜처럼부패된시발놈아Pred 2 dnevi

    xbox lol series s lol ..... this is a ninja gaiden gameplay, you got lost searching for sea of thieves and ori the blind forest ?...

  38. Mystery Man

    Mystery ManPred 2 dnevi

    Yeah, the lack of gore is a pass. But that being said, there are objective differences between the two games which, in my opinion, makes the Vanilla 2 better.

  39. TuffKing

    TuffKingPred 3 dnevi

    @DiegoBear91 HAHA so original you sure got me with that

  40. DiegoBear91

    DiegoBear91Pred 3 dnevi

    @TuffKing your mom

  41. TuffKing

    TuffKingPred 3 dnevi

    Who asked?

  42. Dr. Deb Sutradhar

    Dr. Deb SutradharPred 4 dnevi

    the modders are gonna have a field day with the absent gore in this....

  43. SKT Nguyen

    SKT NguyenPred 2 dnevi

    @tdenzel101 you must not know anything about NG2 vs NGS2

  44. Quickbeam12

    Quickbeam12Pred 2 dnevi

    @tdenzel101 wouldn't surprise me if the ps4 version is turned off

  45. tdenzel101

    tdenzel101Pred 2 dnevi

    Wait wtf so wats the point of releasing this then...!! It's more like a downgrade.

  46. Black Ninja

    Black NinjaPred 2 dnevi

    @tdenzel101 You can do that as well. But the Devs said themselves that they’ve reduced the gore from all the games.. It’s a bit disappointing but whatevs lol

  47. tdenzel101

    tdenzel101Pred 2 dnevi

    You must never played ninja gaiden games. You can turn off & on the blood and gore.

  48. Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu HayabusaPred 4 dnevi

    Dayumm. cutscenes aren't 60fps. Nevermind

  49. Sayu

    SayuPred 4 dnevi

    this is lazy the game looks dated af they didnt even reshade

  50. will Yood

    will YoodPred 4 dnevi

    Where's the blood? No blood option?

  51. Night Wings

    Night WingsPred 4 dnevi


  52. Nick Nguyen

    Nick NguyenPred 4 dnevi

    Im ready to X Y X X X Y

  53. Vũ Hữu Hoàng

    Vũ Hữu HoàngPred 4 dnevi

    Even Ninja gaiden sigma 2 plus has gore option but this doesn't

  54. jack lichtensztejn

    jack lichtensztejnPred 3 dnevi

    Have to agree! Even with the lower frame rate. It still has more gore!

  55. Jose Rodall

    Jose RodallPred 4 dnevi

    Well, time to sacrifice another controller to the altar of Ninja Gaiden

  56. xKillZone99

    xKillZone99Pred 4 dnevi

    This is just a port not a remaster from what it seems... and no next gen features or support mid 2021 is a huge L

  57. Seiryu Lee

    Seiryu LeePred 4 dnevi

    They really could take notes from Capcom's DMC 4 special edition (5's was pretty lazy)

  58. B L

    B LPred 4 dnevi

    My body is so ready for this

  59. Marcus Kane

    Marcus KanePred 4 dnevi

    Better than CP2077

  60. Dedric Silva

    Dedric SilvaPred 4 dnevi

    Um yeah, just stick to Ninja Gaiden 2 the original on Xbox One via backwards compatible.

  61. Oken

    OkenPred 4 dnevi

    39.99€, Kena: Bridge of Spirits/DMC5:SE/Mafia/GoT or Ninja Gaiden Master Cash-grab Collection (UHD patch of the inferior versions and well NG3) What a difficult choice to make

  62. Seiryu Lee

    Seiryu LeePred 4 dnevi

    GTA V on PS5 is a must 😂


    DANTE DMCPred 4 dnevi


  64. ISetYourFaceOnFire

    ISetYourFaceOnFirePred 4 dnevi


  65. dannonyogurt98

    dannonyogurt98Pred 19 urami

    @Andrew MacauleyBut not nearly the same as ninja gaiden 2. NG2 had the most in the series and by the end of a fight the scene is covered in blood and body parts. It's not gore for the sake of gore either. If you've ever seen japanese movies and anime about ninja and samurai you know it's supposed to be over the top. Itagaki famously hated the ps3 ports and ninja gaiden 3 and had nothing to do with them.

  66. Andrew Macauley

    Andrew MacauleyPred 21 uro

    @dannonyogurt98 I'm not saying they aren't being slackers, but the third game does have gore

  67. Darryl Robson

    Darryl RobsonPred dnevom

    @Mikel Kjell He was just using bluepoint as an example of how the source code is not necessary to remaster a game. Learn to comprehend.

  68. Johno LPlays

    Johno LPlaysPred 2 dnevi

    The Sigma cutscenes are sad, Sonia's dual pistols used to explode that ninjas head, and Ryu's slice used to chop that ninja in half.

  69. Mikel Kjell

    Mikel KjellPred 2 dnevi

    @dannonyogurt98 what the hell are you talking about? Blueprint didn’t work on this.

  70. Rodrigo Almeida

    Rodrigo AlmeidaPred 4 dnevi

    It makes me sad that they wont remaster the xbox version, it is way better

  71. lony walnut

    lony walnutPred 2 dnevi

    @The One Who Wrote This kind of like why we never could get a pc port of red dead 1. sadge....

  72. The One Who Wrote This

    The One Who Wrote ThisPred 4 dnevi

    They lost the source code of the non-Sigma games, so it's impossible for them at this point to remaster the game unless if they build it again from scratch.

  73. Jeffrey T

    Jeffrey TPred 4 dnevi

    The second one is thee best one out of the three

  74. Daniel Ramponi

    Daniel RamponiPred 3 dnevi

    No is not, the first one is.

  75. DAN FLEX

    DAN FLEXPred 3 dnevi

    Same here man. NG2 was the perfect balance of action and Adventure. NG1 was more adventurous then action

  76. Jeffrey T

    Jeffrey TPred 3 dnevi

    @de c I like the first one too. The Alma battle was one of its best moments.

  77. Jeffrey T

    Jeffrey TPred 3 dnevi

    @Shin Shaman wow you’re so funny…

  78. Shin Shaman

    Shin ShamanPred 4 dnevi

    Ninja gayden.

  79. Nick Neal

    Nick NealPred 4 dnevi

    I'll stick with og copies on ps3 no thanks not wortha repurchase bring in ninja gaiden 4

  80. Elvis Maduro

    Elvis MaduroPred 3 dnevi

    It is if you want them to make NG4

  81. Chris Toro

    Chris ToroPred 4 dnevi

    The console version of NG Sigma 2 came out in 2009, is it taking people this long to realize the gore was censored? 😒

  82. will Yood

    will YoodPred 4 dnevi

    NG sigma 2 plus put the blood back in, hopefully it gets added

  83. Krucism

    KrucismPred 4 dnevi

    @The Nameless One That would be nice but we'll have to wait and see

  84. The Nameless One

    The Nameless OnePred 4 dnevi

    Heard somewhere day 1 patch adds it back in. Not sure if its true, though.

  85. Guillaume Lavoie

    Guillaume LavoiePred 4 dnevi

    This game deserves a better port.

  86. RokushoTheRavager

    RokushoTheRavagerPred 3 dnevi

    It deserves a better developer, not an incompetent team of lazy censorship happy morons like Team Ninja is plauged with.

  87. William Meyer

    William MeyerPred 4 dnevi

    And better movement... I'm just dreaming the day Ryu moves like Bayonetta... 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  88. DeathtotheAshes

    DeathtotheAshesPred 4 dnevi

    It won’t be from the Switch that it’s any better, that’s for damn sure.

  89. Chris Toro

    Chris ToroPred 4 dnevi

    Is it me or are these IGN vids getting darker?

  90. DeathtotheAshes

    DeathtotheAshesPred 4 dnevi

    Your phone might be shittily outdated.

  91. X DT Vergil

    X DT VergilPred 4 dnevi

    This is my guess of why there less blood.. Sigma was on ps and ps vita.. Soo.. I'm guessing this is the ps vita port on console But not sure?

  92. Seiryu Lee

    Seiryu LeePred 4 dnevi

    Seriously? Sigma plus actually added more gore and costumes... problem was the controls which a remaster on Ps4 could've fixed but oh well

  93. José Lizárraga

    José LizárragaPred 4 dnevi

    Sigma Plus version on Ps Vita was uncensored, maybe they remastered the original PS3 Sigma version

  94. RoyFokker93

    RoyFokker93Pred 4 dnevi

    The Sigma versions of the games we censored by Sony. Both released on the PS3.

  95. Rafael Lucas

    Rafael LucasPred 4 dnevi

    Ninja Gaiden 4 PLEASE ❤️

  96. No Thanks Bro

    No Thanks BroPred 4 dnevi

    the sigma version of 2 went for a more beautiful execution color compare to the xbox version that is the gore and blood. Overall the xbox version is better.

  97. Braska Bani

    Braska BaniPred dnevom

    @Keshawn Dancer Yes. The original 360 version will always be the best.

  98. JonathonTheAsshole

    JonathonTheAssholePred 3 dnevi

    The balance in the PS3 version is ruined too. It's not even the same game anymore.

  99. Rise from the Ashes

    Rise from the AshesPred 4 dnevi

    @Keshawn Dancer pretty sure the game looks the same on both Xbox and PlayStation.

  100. PlayoffL36ron

    PlayoffL36ronPred 4 dnevi

    @Keshawn Dancer true decapitating heads and slicing up limbs was too fun

  101. Mexican Joker

    Mexican JokerPred 4 dnevi

    @Keshawn Dancer Pathetic fanboy loser spotted 🤣.

  102. wookyz1

    wookyz1Pred 4 dnevi

    Just here to see all the people complain about a game they dont intend to buy

  103. mo black

    mo blackPred 4 dnevi

    Oh my. The heads are still there even after a decap. What the hell. Did they just not care about the game? Modders cant come fast enough

  104. Seiryu Lee

    Seiryu LeePred 4 dnevi

    He's not cutting their heads just slapping them with the sword ofc

  105. tyreek

    tyreekPred 4 dnevi

    He’s not cutting the heads off. He’s just cutting their throats

  106. DIVINE_logic

    DIVINE_logicPred 4 dnevi

    I'll stick with the back compat version on Xbox 😏

  107. dannonyogurt98

    dannonyogurt98Pred 2 dnevi

    @ameer nurhaqeem Sure, you can have a preference for the shitty version. Doesn't change the fact that the ps3 ports were still worse.

  108. ameer nurhaqeem

    ameer nurhaqeemPred 3 dnevi

    @dannonyogurt98 it's preference

  109. Finn Mertens

    Finn MertensPred 3 dnevi

    @dannonyogurt98 opinions aren't facts. Nobody is "wrong" or right...just boils down to preference

  110. dannonyogurt98

    dannonyogurt98Pred 3 dnevi

    @Seiryu Lee you're wrong, it runs at almost 1800p upscaled to 4k at 60fps in back compat. The Xbox version also had more enemies plus gore. It's actually the best way to play.

  111. Clarky H

    Clarky HPred 3 dnevi

    Ninja Gaiden 2 in 360 was so's just too bad They added content with Sigma 2, but dialled down difficulty and gore.

  112. adan zavala

    adan zavalaPred 4 dnevi

    There's nothing different about this. Less blood even. I'll pass.

  113. RokushoTheRavager

    RokushoTheRavagerPred 3 dnevi

    @#Swagvegito # The Xbox version wasn't censored like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is, enemies didn't excrete this purple mist when they lost a limb, they actually bled and their limbs remained on the ground. They actually looked like corpses instead of empty hollow pottery.

  114. Espen Jodnes

    Espen JodnesPred 3 dnevi

    @#Swagvegito # Yup. But the original NG2 on the X360 had lots of gore and dismemberment.

  115. Mongrel

    MongrelPred 4 dnevi

    @Cheevo Guides Still no blood.

  116. Evan Guzman

    Evan GuzmanPred 4 dnevi

    @Cheevo Guides yo where did you see that?

  117. Cheevo Guides

    Cheevo GuidesPred 4 dnevi

    It's because they recorded their footage before the day 1 patch. Decapitations and Gore will be added

  118. Adan Portillo

    Adan PortilloPred 4 dnevi

    Where is the blood?

  119. Mystemo

    MystemoPred 4 dnevi

    This is the Sigma version, it removed most of the gore.

  120. Pablo Meza

    Pablo MezaPred 4 dnevi

    Uncensored version plz

  121. Mystemo

    MystemoPred 4 dnevi

    They lost the source code. Or that's their excuse at least.

  122. PositiveGamer

    PositiveGamerPred 4 dnevi


  123. sfturbo

    sfturboPred 4 dnevi

    Trophy for online tag team battle, anyone? 😂

  124. LOST

    LOSTPred 4 dnevi

    Online isnt a thing anymore

  125. Braska Bani

    Braska BaniPred 4 dnevi

    Why the got rid of the gore??

  126. Seiryu Lee

    Seiryu LeePred 4 dnevi

    Well this is from the Sigma version on PS3. They removed parts of areas and cut a fair bit of content but added few things. Also gore took a heavy censorship

  127. RoyFokker93

    RoyFokker93Pred 4 dnevi

    This are ports of the Sigma versions of the games, they had a lot of new stuff added. But Sony heavily censored the violence.

  128. LaCokaNostra81

    LaCokaNostra81Pred 4 dnevi

    Hunter Biden: N***a Gaiden? Me: No, it's Ninja Gaiden

  129. Isaac Tang

    Isaac TangPred 4 dnevi

    Ninja Gaiden is the Best Action Game!

  130. aNinjaGuardian

    aNinjaGuardianPred 4 dnevi

    Agreed. Ninja Gaiden is the king of action/hack and slash games

  131. Felipe Zorzi

    Felipe ZorziPred 4 dnevi

    DMC5, Doom eternal: No.

  132. john kowneque

    john kownequePred 4 dnevi

    2 is the best

  133. RZq Hipnox

    RZq HipnoxPred 4 dnevi

    Give us the uncensored version for PC

  134. Seiryu Lee

    Seiryu LeePred 4 dnevi

    Modders: say no more!

  135. Chris Toro

    Chris ToroPred 4 dnevi

    Just mod the color red in place of the purple, boom.

  136. Mystemo

    MystemoPred 4 dnevi

    Apparently they lost the source code for the original uncensored version of 2 and Black. Sounds a bit fishy but that's the excuse they're going with at least.

  137. Marshall Kelin

    Marshall KelinPred 4 dnevi

    What happened to the blood effects?

  138. X DT Vergil

    X DT VergilPred 4 dnevi

    @RoyFokker93 can't comfirmed this but its possible that how they wanted it..

  139. RoyFokker93

    RoyFokker93Pred 4 dnevi

    This are ports of the Sigma versions (ports for the PS3) of the games, they had a lot of new stuff added. But Sony heavily censored the violence.

  140. X DT Vergil

    X DT VergilPred 4 dnevi

    Sigma was on ps and ps vita.. Soo.. I'm guessing this is the ps vita port on console

  141. Brandon Star

    Brandon StarPred 4 dnevi

    No changes same game

  142. Lil Dill

    Lil DillPred 4 dnevi

    Game is a cash grab

  143. Seiryu Lee

    Seiryu LeePred 4 dnevi


  144. P R

    P RPred 4 dnevi


  145. aagar19

    aagar19Pred 4 dnevi

    First comment peeps

  146. Alexander Smith

    Alexander SmithPred 4 dnevi