Free Guy - Official Trailer (2021) Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer, Free Guy is an adventure-comedy from 20th Century Fox about a bank teller who discovers he is actually a background player in an open-world video game. He decides to become the hero of his own story. In a world where there are no limits, he's determined to be the guy who saves his world, before it is too late.

Free Guy opens in cinemas in August 2021.


  1. Adelbert1309

    Adelbert1309Pred 17 minutami

    If he will not use cheat codes, I'm gonna be bored.

  2. DireBox 9990

    DireBox 9990Pred 2 urami

    another version of the truman show

  3. Mac Donald

    Mac DonaldPred 4 urami

    It's his second time being GUY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Delta V20

    Delta V20Pred 5 urami

    Pov: you are a GTA npc

  5. Delta V20

    Delta V20Pred 5 urami

    the gta movie we all wanted but didn't expected

  6. Juan Cruz

    Juan CruzPred 8 urami

    This is just The Lego Movie staring Ryan Reynolds.

  7. GamingWithPiza

    GamingWithPizaPred 9 urami

    Lazarbeam 👀 Edit: DanTDM, JackSepticeye, Pokiman, and Ninja too

  8. GibbsClaymore

    GibbsClaymorePred 9 urami

    Fun fact: Ryan Reynolds played another character named Guy in the Croods

  9. Minuteman Luke

    Minuteman LukePred 12 urami

    Completely forgot this existed

  10. Matthew Talks FINZ

    Matthew Talks FINZPred 13 urami

    This looks fire🔥

  11. D.C. ROCKS 501

    D.C. ROCKS 501Pred 14 urami

    This film looks absolutely awful

  12. Popuko

    PopukoPred 15 urami

    This feels like a Adam Sandler movie.

  13. Penguiking

    PenguikingPred 16 urami

    Wow, everyone doesn't like this apparently

  14. ClouDev

    ClouDevPred 17 urami


  15. Bishop Owl

    Bishop OwlPred 17 urami

    This is just the Lego Movie

  16. Bishop Owl

    Bishop OwlPred 17 urami

    Which is actually just the matrix, but whatever

  17. Bishop Owl

    Bishop OwlPred 17 urami


  18. Aurobindo Ghosh

    Aurobindo GhoshPred 18 urami

    is this from sony or microsoft?

  19. Diego Juas

    Diego JuasPred 19 urami

    Being a NPC in GTA: The movie

  20. Alpha 6 Games

    Alpha 6 GamesPred 21 uro

    Jodi is an amazing actress.

  21. Jon Smit

    Jon SmitPred 21 uro

    Лгбт параша

  22. Jon Smit

    Jon SmitPred 21 uro

    Фильм говно

  23. Jon Smit

    Jon SmitPred 21 uro


  24. Average Teens

    Average TeensPred 21 uro

    Is My Life an *Simulation* too? FRee me from this suffering life too , *FREE GUY* !

  25. Lyon Family Gaming

    Lyon Family GamingPred 21 uro

    The Lego Movie VS Ready Player One vs GTA = Free Guy

  26. Hotman Parulian

    Hotman ParulianPred 22 urami

    make me remind film The Lego Movie 2014.. that same idea?

  27. The Entertainment Channel

    The Entertainment ChannelPred 22 urami

    Funny how Ryan plays 2 different characters called guy in his career

  28. helmet098

    helmet098Pred 22 urami

    See guy is Neo, girl is Trinity. Glasses are red pill. This is the Matrix in a previous version. Change my mind.

  29. Polly

    PollyPred 23 urami

    Gta 5 as a movie

  30. Some kid knows about Gaming news

    Some kid knows about Gaming newsPred 23 urami

    This Is Basically GTA VR.

  31. Werner B

    Werner BPred dnevom

    August of which year?

  32. richard faraone

    richard faraonePred dnevom

    How many more trailers till this movie is released lol

  33. Jujuman47

    Jujuman47Pred dnevom

    And the award for movie delayed the most goes to...

  34. Ninjitsu 6744

    Ninjitsu 6744Pred dnevom

    Lets not forget, Jacksepticeye is gonna be voicing someone in this!

  35. Daniel Rubinstein

    Daniel RubinsteinPred dnevom

    This looks dumb af

  36. MustY işsiz

    MustY işsizPred dnevom

    Like gta 5 online xd

  37. DreadfullyD

    DreadfullyDPred dnevom

    Finally! We’re getting a Grand Theft Auto movie

  38. YoO161

    YoO161Pred dnevom

    Love it how todays Trailers give away all Twists.

  39. Luka T

    Luka TPred dnevom

    Gta 6 looks pretty sick


    TOP TEC GAEMPred dnevom

    Yah finally 😂

  41. C'mere BraH

    C'mere BraHPred dnevom

    Came after third wheeling Chan and Ryan💀😭😭

  42. Ern Privado

    Ern PrivadoPred dnevom

    wait they change the movie. it seems.

  43. Ard-90

    Ard-90Pred dnevom

    This is just GTA Without the Oppressors m2

  44. Inazuma65

    Inazuma65Pred dnevom

    This video is supposed to be 21:9. My ultrawide monitor is crying.

  45. EnNombreDeLaCiencia !

    EnNombreDeLaCiencia !Pred dnevom


  46. Jay In New Mexico

    Jay In New MexicoPred dnevom

    Why August waited too long. Around that time Covid-21 will close it down again. Show now.

  47. Furno Does the things

    Furno Does the thingsPred dnevom

    GTA npc daily life

  48. TTV Adobo

    TTV AdoboPred dnevom

    This Ryan guy’s lucky he’s in a movie with Sean (Jacksepticeye)

  49. Feralcus

    FeralcusPred 7 urami

    What? Is he?

  50. Tapan Jena

    Tapan JenaPred dnevom

    Where's Joe?

  51. La Baguette

    La BaguettePred dnevom

    Inside the mind of a gta5 NPC

  52. TAK Productions LLC

    TAK Productions LLCPred dnevom

    Is this movie made by the same people that wrote "A Lego Movie"? Because this is legit the EXACT same plot line.....with that being said, I'm still gonna see it because Ryan Reynolds is hilarious and "A Lego Movie" was awesome.

  53. galaxysquib

    galaxysquibPred dnevom

    GTA 5

  54. Taylor Bain

    Taylor BainPred dnevom

    If they don’t make a war zone skin of this guy I’m gonna be really Pissed

  55. Khalif Gibbs

    Khalif GibbsPred dnevom

    While this movie was stuck in development he’ll this other movie came out called “GAME OVER” and it’s bassically same thing

  56. Tulation

    TulationPred dnevom

    This mvoie is probably a big trailer for gta 6

  57. Bret Petersen

    Bret PetersenPred dnevom

    Reminds me of the Lego movie and the Truman show

  58. Aiden Muslim

    Aiden MuslimPred dnevom

    The thumbnail looks like the scooter guy from Happy Wheels

  59. Zombie

    ZombiePred dnevom

    it s just a simple gta online lobby

  60. Bran Bran

    Bran BranPred dnevom

    This type of movie had alot of potential, too bad

  61. M A R K H O R

    M A R K H O RPred dnevom

    Is anyone else getting the *CLIP* with scissors ✂️ icon option.

  62. LaSHer

    LaSHerPred dnevom

    Explain a film plot badly: *you are an NPC in a GTA game*

  63. JDTP -303

    JDTP -303Pred dnevom

    So it's a GTA, the sims, lego movie and wreck it ralph mixup

  64. Max Chalmers

    Max ChalmersPred dnevom

    Truman Show 23 years later…

  65. Kim Walker

    Kim WalkerPred dnevom

    What's the name of the first song please

  66. Abazel

    AbazelPred dnevom

    If gta online was a movie

  67. xaxecl

    xaxeclPred dnevom

    Finally Gta Online the movie

  68. Kunal Kushwah

    Kunal KushwahPred dnevom

    Truman Show? Nah. FalseMan Hide.

  69. Genovesator

    GenovesatorPred dnevom

    GTA NPC: The Movie

  70. Fell

    FellPred dnevom

    Didn't we already get a trailer for this movie like a year ago

  71. Wings

    WingsPred dnevom

    Does this movie even exist??? Ive been seeing trailers for this from before Covid LUL

  72. Portal64

    Portal64Pred dnevom

    Not gonna lie, trailers from last year looked more intriguing before they tweaked the story

  73. Isaac

    IsaacPred dnevom

    so it's ready player one, but your but the main character is an NPC

  74. Alen Vidović

    Alen VidovićPred dnevom

    So... Is this a 4.7 movie on imdb or 8.1

  75. Isha

    IshaPred dnevom

    Beware of Villanelle 🤫

  76. Pranay Nair

    Pranay NairPred dnevom

    year 2026 - Free Guy (ultimate official Trailer)

  77. Bullet Time

    Bullet TimePred dnevom

    Free Guy is the closest thing we get to a GTA V movie

  78. Mauricio Hernández

    Mauricio HernándezPred dnevom

    Ffs Ubisoft, another broken and bugged game

  79. DXG Fire

    DXG FirePred dnevom

    Can’t wait for people to think jacksepticeye or lazarbeam would be in this show

  80. sunil posupo

    sunil posupoPred dnevom

    Is that jodies original voice?

  81. Crow Just Crow

    Crow Just CrowPred dnevom

    Gta online: the movie

  82. Deadly Snake YT

    Deadly Snake YTPred dnevom

    Green lantern 🥴

  83. Recommend me a PC or PS4 game to play

    Recommend me a PC or PS4 game to playPred dnevom


  84. Eoin Wilson

    Eoin WilsonPred dnevom

    Where’s jacksepticeye.

  85. sam8404

    sam8404Pred dnevom

    Didn't this come out like 2 years ago?

  86. banana Leader

    banana LeaderPred dnevom

    gta online:

  87. k an

    k anPred dnevom

    GTA in a nutshell

  88. Art B.

    Art B.Pred dnevom

    1:34 that some split/second moment there

  89. Geoffrey Sorkin

    Geoffrey SorkinPred dnevom

    This looks like a comedy version of Serenity, except hopefully not awful.

  90. Kenta Wong94

    Kenta Wong94Pred dnevom

    So GTA the movie: Pedestrian edition

  91. Pakyaa OP

    Pakyaa OPPred dnevom

    IGN your old logo was the best pls bring it back

  92. CEO of Toxic

    CEO of ToxicPred dnevom

    GTA npc

  93. Banana Joe

    Banana JoePred dnevom

    Lol given their idea of gamers in the movie, you can tell the people who made this habe no idea what the average gamer demographic looks like lol



    They changed how he got the glasses. Sadge. The previous trailer had him beating players to get it. Would've been awesome

  95. Hussein Sniper

    Hussein SniperPred dnevom

    where is jacksepticeye??????

  96. Matt Mustang

    Matt MustangPred dnevom

    he should just keep to deadpool.

  97. On gaming Nepal

    On gaming NepalPred dnevom

    free Guy

  98. Danny

    DannyPred dnevom

    Everybody gangsta unti the GTA 5 npc gains sentience

  99. kak_has_eyes

    kak_has_eyesPred dnevom

    The Truman Show but it's a gamer's paradise

  100. David Thorne

    David ThornePred dnevom

    The only reason I’m even watching this is because Ryan Reynolds is in it so I’m giving it a chance

  101. NDES. Tv

    NDES. TvPred dnevom

    Public server

  102. San Muttaqin

    San MuttaqinPred dnevom

    A NPC from GTA V

  103. bored

    boredPred dnevom

    Its been 2 years they've been showing trailer