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  1. Teerth Upadhyay

    Teerth UpadhyayPred 10 sekundami

    Looks like an expansion pack for Avengers game

  2. René Olivo

    René OlivoPred 11 sekundami

    Loved the original. Will love this one too!

  3. SuperAloeFresh

    SuperAloeFreshPred 12 sekundami

    “Guardians has more hype than halo and more than most other games” ummm is that guy high? There is literally zero hype for that. It looks awful and that is the common sentiment seen online

  4. Mikasa Ackermann

    Mikasa AckermannPred 28 sekundami

    Pls come for PlayStation 😭😭😭

  5. Mundoslav

    MundoslavPred 36 sekundami

    Sooo.. 5$?

  6. Quinn  Broadus

    Quinn BroadusPred 44 sekundami


  7. Nick Tailor

    Nick TailorPred 48 sekundami

    What happened to the last night


    РЕАЛЬНО СМЕШНОPred 48 sekundami


  9. Phoenix Amaku

    Phoenix AmakuPred minuto

    well henabbeda part on sea of theives!

  10. Luke Ramos

    Luke RamosPred minuto

    Oo lovley 🎊🎊🎊🥰❤️

  11. mrpria

    mrpriaPred minuto

    This looks terrible ngl

  12. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔPred minuto

    No 🌧️ no ❄️

  13. 尼古拉斯·科林斯

    尼古拉斯·科林斯Pred minuto

    better be a 1 time purchase with full open world mmo or ELSE!!!

  14. Alexxbru

    AlexxbruPred minuto




    In the name of Earth put different servers according to the season and let us choose with what weather we would like to race. Give us the opportunity to choose !!! We need to have this kind of freedom !

  16. ShyFoxProject

    ShyFoxProjectPred minuto

    Growing up with the orignal playstation 2 I belived that this game should had a sequal now 20 years old in 2021 it's a reality.

  17. unko shave ice

    unko shave icePred minuto

    Shots fired shots fired

  18. Eclipse Highroller

    Eclipse HighrollerPred minuto

    If a game is going on pc, it by definition isn’t an Xbox exclusive. Please change the title to say Microsoft exclusive.

  19. XKd_ClashX

    XKd_ClashXPred 2 minutami

    Plz,pls,plz be multiplayer

  20. Jeff K.

    Jeff K.Pred 2 minutami

    Skyrim in space means that no matter how many times you shoot it that coffee cup is not moving one inch from that table.

  21. PrentisTurks

    PrentisTurksPred 2 minutami

    Was hoping for a br

  22. Alex Alvañez

    Alex AlvañezPred 2 minutami

    Could you? Not? The whole accent thing while reading the synopsis was unecessarily annoying.

  23. James Beattie

    James BeattiePred 2 minutami

    Didnt even know guardians was getting a game

  24. notjr

    notjrPred 2 minutami

    song id?

  25. MadiCat247

    MadiCat247Pred 2 minutami

    If they use the Mass Effect Devs on this it would be game of the year... Instead it's a wierd mobile game feeling same fest

  26. Jim Salmon

    Jim SalmonPred 2 minutami

    The hardest moon for me, by far, is the Purple Goop moon in Lake Kingdom.


    AXL ROSE MARINOPred 3 minutami

    ow my gosh ramboooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Zydiman

    ZydimanPred 3 minutami

    Song is Arkells ft. K.Flay - You Can Get It

  29. shawn workman

    shawn workmanPred 3 minutami

    Have you seen this movie? A 5 year old would have came up with something more relatable.

  30. Weird Guy

    Weird GuyPred 3 minutami

    GotG most interesting game I've seen at E3 yet.

  31. ジェームズマイケル

    ジェームズマイケルPred 3 minutami

    Mori will like these

  32. Diva Alfirman

    Diva AlfirmanPred 3 minutami

    That “Tyrannosaurus!!” was just **chef’s kiss** 👌🏻

  33. Zaheer Sarang

    Zaheer SarangPred 3 minutami

    This narrator makes me want to never play this game ever

  34. noturaveragewatcher

    noturaveragewatcherPred 3 minutami

    This doesn't make me want to buy next gen console looks like any other old game

  35. Cyber Angel99

    Cyber Angel99Pred 3 minutami

    My childhood....the feels...the beautiful music...🥺🥺🥺

  36. Mike Oakes Hart

    Mike Oakes HartPred 3 minutami

    Biggest CHAOS of 2021

  37. Витя Щербина

    Витя ЩербинаPred 3 minutami

    я не могу больше ждать

  38. Pussy Extract

    Pussy ExtractPred 3 minutami

    Glad they didn't forget about Vaas

  39. Uploader Of Many Things

    Uploader Of Many ThingsPred 3 minutami

    Meh. 20K and a billion frames per second who cares. Stop frothing over graphics it's ruining games. They'll still only allow us like 1 front bumper choice per car. And if H4 is anything to go by you'll be more likely to win a pair of socks than anything car related.

  40. reb1138

    reb1138Pred 3 minutami

    Def gonna pre-order

  41. Parris Summers

    Parris SummersPred 3 minutami

    Peters voice actor needs some direction

  42. Squadding Quads

    Squadding QuadsPred 4 minutami

    Disappointed at a lack of new footage

  43. ThePermacultureVagabond

    ThePermacultureVagabondPred 4 minutami

    The first game trailer this year that really impressed me.

  44. NewKediri75

    NewKediri75Pred 4 minutami


  45. Arjay3822

    Arjay3822Pred 4 minutami

    Forza horizon 5 solves the main issue with Forza horizon 4 and it is that there wasn’t enough sand.

  46. KiGrind

    KiGrindPred 4 minutami

    That isn't Johnny Depth you tools. Disney can choke.

  47. Blade

    BladePred 4 minutami

    Letss go 11 Nov 2022

  48. LemonDewDrops

    LemonDewDropsPred 4 minutami

    Honestly it's just a Halo version of Call of Duty so disappointing

  49. stemaster

    stemasterPred 4 minutami

    Gonna just pass on this

  50. Will Lewis

    Will LewisPred 4 minutami

    ...was that Todd Howard doing the voice on the radio?

  51. Luke Ramos

    Luke RamosPred 4 minutami

    Bootiful 🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰

  52. TejasTexas77

    TejasTexas77Pred 4 minutami

    Looking forward on this Avatar Game

  53. cherry tree

    cherry treePred 4 minutami


  54. That Guy

    That GuyPred 4 minutami

    OH shoot, this is still happening. Nice

  55. Biggie Smalls

    Biggie SmallsPred 4 minutami

    Не учатся ничему некоторые и учиться не хотят...

  56. UNIB

    UNIBPred 5 minutami

    better be open world

  57. Chris Low

    Chris LowPred 5 minutami

    Brandan Schaub's face as Jack Sparrow

  58. OmegaMetroid93

    OmegaMetroid93Pred 5 minutami

    Snake Solid, my favorite video game character.

  59. Samaj Haze

    Samaj HazePred 5 minutami

    Mannn all this cool but imma keep saying it bring the holster option back to breakpoint y’all playin

  60. el takuache cuh

    el takuache cuhPred 5 minutami

    My 3070 is going to cry loading this game up.

  61. Itama

    ItamaPred 5 minutami

    *Bandit Radio intensifies*

  62. gede dimas

    gede dimasPred 5 minutami

    3D is not always better

  63. Vincent Pey

    Vincent PeyPred 5 minutami

    So this is final fantasy one but instead of a whimsical fun adventure its really edgy and the charakters go from being silent protagonist too a bunch of boring edgelords that somehow seems worse to me

  64. Twilight B.

    Twilight B.Pred 5 minutami

    Judging by the movie, not nearly enough…

  65. Edgars strelnieks

    Edgars strelnieksPred 5 minutami

    Such a disappointment on map

  66. Oh Forfoxsake

    Oh ForfoxsakePred 5 minutami

    From a cool hack and slash to a generic doom clone, shame...

  67. General RAAM

    General RAAMPred 5 minutami

    Where is Forza Motorsport 8 ?

  68. The Street Fighter

    The Street FighterPred 5 minutami

    Pure hype! Haters gonna hate and be overdramatic like always because it's not there precious Spider-Man PS4 or Batman Arkham. Those games aren't perfect because they have flaws like Avengers as well. Keep your expectations low and enjoy the game.

  69. Amir HB

    Amir HBPred 5 minutami

    This guy is the front page of dumb fun

  70. Efialtis Fairen

    Efialtis FairenPred 5 minutami

    because as everyone knows, we, the hunters, are afraid of the big monsters, and definitely not hyping up over the upcoming Jhen Mohran

  71. Sreelatha Rajan

    Sreelatha RajanPred 5 minutami

    He is faster than train 🤣🤣🔥😎

  72. ToxicBritishGuy

    ToxicBritishGuyPred 6 minutami

    Drax looks terrible xD

  73. Red Hood

    Red HoodPred 6 minutami

    Now to wait for the kenway crossover that should be fun

  74. Tijn creator

    Tijn creatorPred 6 minutami

    Searching who aksed

  75. mhardee 1221

    mhardee 1221Pred 6 minutami

    Is this even still going to happen or can you just not download it until it actually releases?

  76. The Getgotster

    The GetgotsterPred 6 minutami

    Camille from league of legends?🤔

  77. Captain Viktor Reznov

    Captain Viktor ReznovPred 6 minutami

    Imma need Imdontai, berleezy, pg, and joe to hop on this ASAP.

  78. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo StiglitzPred 6 minutami

    Honestly, this Miranda girl is so friggin cute and she does a great job on IGN too

  79. oniman123

    oniman123Pred 6 minutami

    He knows nothings